Show me Casablanca :)

i and two my friends will try to get in maroco - casablanca from spain. so i'm intrested in travel ways, casablanca place, hostels - hotels.


Region: Grand Casablanca

Country: Morocco


If you don't have a car, the best way to come in casablanca from spain is by ferry then by train from tanger.
In Casablanca you can find youth hostel, and each range of hotel
hi julija ,
if you r interested by casablanca you can just call me and i will has your service any way casablanca is the biggest city of morocco and there are many beauty things to discover hotels restaurants shop night clubs weather nice and if you anterested by music trance I will travel in 10 april to the south of Morocco will be a festival of trance music if you like the idea you welcome in dunes my phone numbre is +212662118757 / e-mail :
you welcome kiss
Nowdays, you an find very very low airline tickets to come to Casablanca and other morocan cities ... Jet4you and ryanair ... very interresting fares :)
Once in Casablanca, you have a large choice of hotels according to your budget ... Tell me more about how much you want to spend on hotel nights ... Write me back
Ccasablanca is biggest city in Morocco
so you can find any kind of transports to it from anywhere from Morocco or another countries,
hostels: there's 100s, starting from 6 euros per night till 100 euros
Showing Around: visit Hassan 2 Mosque, Old Medina, Beach, Coast

for more informations & tips just contact me

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hey! very easy to get from Tangier to Casablanca is by train, fast and cheap. Easiest and fastest way from Spain to Morocco is from Tarifa to Tangier which only takes about 35 minutes ferry-boat.

Good luck.
You can take a ship from spain to Tanger that take a train from tanger to casablanca
If you are keen to combine your holiday with an activity, trek or hike then please contact the following
Visit the following trekking/hiking website

Or call/fax: 00212 524 484 456 Mobil: 00212 6 7041 0376
a ferry from agesiras to tanger then a train to casablanca.for the hotels try ain diab corniche it is front of the beach and not far from the center.

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