Flying in March to BKK. Need short tour around city (non-touristic part)


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


What kind of non-touristy things are you interested in?
I can help you with short tour around city, I know the non-touristic places... but I can do only for weekends.
Sure ! I'll show you. How many people for this trip? Pls let me know that you'd like to travel in or upcountry. Thanks a lot.
If you venture out of BKK, please come have a look at UDONTHANI and the surrounding areas
there are many private tour in service for you. you are lookfing for non - tourist trap sites... well... it would be great if you can tell them what your interests are.
Hi there,
We would arrange a Custom Tour with you, along with a private driver & a tour guide to encompass all your needs. Although, of course, we would need to understand where your interests are. Once we have established what you would like to see we would build a programme for your day.

Please contact us for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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u want a short tour ard city,but not tourist type?,meaning thai style?avoid khaosan road,and pratunam,all are tourist places.if u want to experience thai lifestyle,the real,is always at bkk.u have to find soi pride,soi madhadthai...those sois area pure thai,very very little foreigners....hope this helps...
i can provide you with the tour on the date u require
please contact me for more information
And if you'd like to see the bird's eye view, I can take you to stay the Banyan tree Hotel. Here's a link to visit the Vertigo Grill&Moon . Hope you enjoy !!
hi. I'm free on weekend so can take you around Bangkok (non-touristic) just avoid Khosan rd, or sukhuvit.
anycase, have fun here and welcome to Thailand.
Dear...Denijel... Actually I base in Phuket most beautiful island in the world but if u prefer in me to show u around Bkk. Please do not hesitate to offer me domestic ticket round trip from Pkt to Bkk and From Bkk to Pkt with Thai Airway. With my pleasure to guide u in bangkok by my taste and Experience...Thank you...Dyuke
As said by several people already it would be helpful to know a little more about your interests and likes. Are you looking for food interests, local thai customs like traditional dancing etc, clothing and local markets, thai style night life etc.... I am available (with notice) normally any day. I would show you personally rather than pass you to a local tour operator...
Hi Danijel,

A good non-touristic tour is traveling by private boat through the canals in Thonburi to see how people live along the river. Here is a video of this trip with a family. We also visited the Grand Palace complex and lunch. Please let us know if we can be of any service to you.
See website

Randy and Ning
Do you have MSN or Skype? So we could talk more in detail easier there. Mine is email for MSN and namennn for Skype.

Do you have MSN or Skype? So we could talk more in detail easier there. Mine is email for MSN and namennn for Skype.

I know the special guiet place if you are looking for peaceful and special time in real Thailand :-)
It is difficlut to have a non touristic tour of Bangkok. If you really want to get away, take a walk along any of the main roads, and head down a 'soi'. The further you go down the soi, the more real Thai Life you will see. The soi's generally are not dangerous, Thais are very friendly and welcoming. Some ideas for this might be, Samsen Road, Thewet road, both are near Kaho sarn, so you can always head back to your guest house or hotel, or just head back to western civilisation. Other places include: Ko Kred Island, which can be reached by the river boat service, via Nonthaburi. This is a really interesting little island on the Chao Praya river. It is full of Thai tourists, but few foreigners get there. It is also nice to take a longtail boat along the river and klongs, easily done and gets you away from the crowds. Avoid anything in the city - Silom, Sukumvit Roads, Siam Square - these are the biggest tourist traps. I often head over the Chao Praya river, this is known as Thonburi, and has a definate more local feel to the area, good restaurants, interesting little walks and places to see. It is also nice in the Dusit area, The temples are rarely visited by Tourists, but are equal in beauty to some of the more famous ones in Bangkok, also the Teak mansion (Vinanmek) is beautiful and an interesting look at the old life in Thailand.
Take a walk down to any non-touristy market, you'll see Thai life or a walk down by the canals.
Go far away from Khao San road or the Grand Palace or Siam Paragon, and you can see real life.
Get up early to see people donating food to the Thai monks.

Get on a bus, any bus, without knowing where it is going and get off somewhere random, bear in mind to take enough money for a return taxi (100 to 350 baht should be enough), and may take a friend along for safety.

Walk anywhere, since Thais take the bus and Foreigners take taxis, to walk will give you a new perpective.

I like your answer really,
Just i was confused with non tourist place in thailand.

It all depends a bit of what you define as 'the real Thailand', is that the fishermen at the river, or the young crowd shopping at the malls? I would make a mix and just mingle in, that is queit easy.
The meet Thai people speaking English, you coudl check out the functions that are held quiet regularly everywhere in Bangkok.
i can give you short tour,i need to know your interests first.I can provide a car with driver.
Bkk is the tourist city if you don't want toursitic part, i will recommend you to go in sub urban area like Ayutthaya, Ancient city in Samut prakarn or Jim Thomsan farm in korat ... :)
Walking in each area and take this book, Bangkok CityScoops. It shows places out of tourist trail...with the mix of everything. You can get it from Kinokuniya, B2S or Asia Book when you are in BKK...
You just need a map (airport have many free), and rent a bicycle with your ID. its free..
Since you want a non-touristic. I can get you close to the local community and the things of a local does every day....
For more details, yo may want to contact me at email
try Bangkok Youth Hostel Association

they have the valunteer for traveler project

Non-touristic and fun? website

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