How easy/difficult is it for a vegetarian to dine out in Pachuca?


City: Pachuca de Soto

State: Hidalgo

Country: Mexico


Eating out as a vegetarian is really no more or less difficult in Pachuca than it is anywhere else. Yes, most dishes contain some sort of meat/chicken/fish, however there are still many foods that are purely veggie or can be customized to meet vegetarian standards.

Directly in Pachuca there are two dedicated vegetarian restaurants that both serve buffet and a la carte style. If you want a break from strictly Mexican cuisine, there are Lebanese, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and crepas establishments located around the city. (And of course, there's the old fallback of pizza.) A lot of sweetbreads, cactus, corn kebabs, papas fritas, etc. sold by the street merchants are veggie as well. (With respect to the cart vendors selling tamales: DO NOT EAT THEM! Even if they are advertised as having a vegetable filling, the tamale itself is often cooked in lard, thus making it non-vegetarian.)

Regarding customization of "meat" dishes at restaurants, if you tell most service staff that you are a vegetarian - and for some strange reason you have to be clear that chicken and fish are not vegetables - they can point out specifically what is vegetarian, or make recommendations on substitutions. For example, Sam and I eat Tacos de Alambre all of of the time but replace the meat with mushrooms.

At some point I will try and put together a list of inherently vegetarian Mexican dishes, as well as "meat" dishes with their vegetarian substitutes. Hopefully this answers the original question for now though.

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