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City: Istanbul

Province: Istanbul

Country: Turkey


pleace write me for more information. Ask "Sultanahmet Kofteci" in Sultanahmet. but this link can help you.

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We have a daily changing 4-course menu at 40 TL at Cooking Alaturka , open for lunch daily except Sunday, dinner on reservation, home cooking style. Another great restaurant offering many regional dishes at very reasonable prices is Çiya in Kadikoy (no wine available). Eveline
generally all the local estaurants are fine
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Near Sirkeci railroad station, the ferry docks, Egyptian (Spice) Bazaar and Galata Bridge, only a 10-minute stroll from Sultanahmet (and an even shorter tram ride), the best restaurants are—surprisingly—in hotels.

The hotels of the Sirkeci Group make a point of providing high-quality food and service at moderate prices in order to "raise the standard" of hospitality in the Sirkeci district, and to compete with the often-overpriced restaurants right around Sultanahmet.

In general, you receive much better meals at more reasonable prices in Sirkeci than in Sultanahmet, and yet Sirkeci restaurants are only a 5- to 10-minute walk, or a 3-minute tram ride, from the Hippodrome.

Imbat Terrace Restaurant
Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine and seafood, this restaurant is on the rooftop terrace of the Orient Express Hotel, so it enjoys panoramic views of the Bosphorus and the historic Old City of Istanbul.

Pasazade Ottoman Cuisine
Pasazade (PAH-shah-zah-deh) means "of the family of the Pasha [noble]," an apt name for a restaurant serving Ottoman-style dishes not found on most Turkish restaurant menus. The location is as attractive as the food: it's on quiet, pedestrian Ibni Kemal Caddesi (No. 13) at Mehmet Murat Sokak, with tables and chairs set out on the street in good weather. Good food, excellent service, moderate prices, good value for money experience.

Neyzade Regional Turkish Cuisine
The ground-floor restaurant of the refined Sirkeci Konak Hotel is a good place to try what might best be described as updated Turkish regional/fusion cuisine. These dishes from all over Turkey are not quite what a Turkish mama used to make—they're better. Service is top-notch, and prices are reasonable, with a full meal often costing only about TL40 to TL60 per person, wine included. ...

Sirkeci Balikçisi Seafood Restaurant
Seafood is an Istanbul specialty, but it can be expensive, and disappointing (which makes it particularly expensive). The "Sirkeci Fisherman" seafood restaurant in the Sirkeci Konak Hotel is one of the better, more reasonably-priced places to dine on seafood near Sultanahmet. ...

Istanbul Terrace Restaurant & Bar
Panoramic views of Old Istanbul, including Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya, the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus, are only one of the draws here, but they're an important bonus. The food and service at this Turkish-cuisine restaurant atop the Erboy Hotel are excellent and value-priced, and why not have fine views as well? ..

Red River Pub
Yes, the name is from the John Wayne movie, the theme is American West, the beer is cold, but the menu provides more variety than did any saloon in Wayne's day. Red River is a good place to relax informally any time of day. .

Hamdi Et Lokantasi
Among Istanbul's most famous places for roasted and grilled meats, with views of Eminönü, Galata Bridge and the Golden Horn.

In the Egyptian (Spice) Bazaar itself (Misir Çarsisi in Turkish), the Pandeli restaurant is in the small, exquisitely tiled rooms above the main entrance portal. Open for lunch only (closed Sunday), it is among Istanbul's oldest continuously operating restaurants. The setting is historic and interesting, the food variable, the service indifferent, the prices uncommonly high.

Inexpensive Meals

Balik-Ekmek Fish Sandwiches
The cheapest seafood in the city is under the Galata Bridge, on the western (Golden Horn) side, where you can have a great, cheap traditional Istanbul fish sandwich.

Hocapasa Restaurants
For cheaper, easier, enjoyable fare you should also wander south of the station to a great little neighborhood packed with simple, cheap, good eateries called Hocapasa.

Sultanahmet Restaurants

Beyazit-Grand Bazaar Restaurants

Hocapasa Restaurants

Old Istanbul Restaurants

Beyoglu Restaurants

Istanbul Restaurants

About Turkish Cuisine

if you ask best restaurants, ı can suggest you somewhere in İstanbul
Feriye;İt is in Ortaköy and genrally they suggest you to taste Traditional Ottoman meals.
Lacivert; it is in Kanlıca and you can find Live music,sea foods and again traditional meals.
Poseidon; İt is in Küçük Bebek.Generally it includes sea foods but there is live music too during meal.
İsmet Baba ; İt is in Kuzguncuk.if you wanna try Tradtional Turkish foods,İsmet baba is best place.
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best and cheapest restaurants in the street network mosque brothers restaurant
Lacivert Istanbul

Lacivert Istanbul is located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus and has the most romantic view of the Istanbul Strait. Lacivert “Dark Blue” Restaurant has been serving since 1999.

The restaurant offers a private boat service that can be taken from Rumeli Hisan. Parking here can be difficult so take a taxi. Look out for an unadorned wooden boat also named Lacivert. Passage is free but do tip the captain on your return.

Hop across for a coffee if you like, or stay for lunch or dinner. The view is spectacular especially at night; see the second bridge towering overhead.

Dinning can mean an intimate supper for two in the smaller dining room next to the fire. For something different request a table by the huge outdoor fireplace that is situated under one of the covered terraces. Outdoor dinning is a must here when the weater allows.

The decoration details and the whole atmosphere of the place will capture you, as the Meditteranian cuisine specialties and the service is remarkable.

Lacivert has the spirit of the Mediterranean kitchen with a wide choice of dishes from southern Europe and Turkey. The chocolate souffle is recommended for desert.

After dinner you move to the dance floor on the waterside and enjoy the DJ music which echo’s over the Bosphorus.

Lacivert Istanbul
Körfez Cad. No: 57/A Anadolu Hisarı
Tel: 0216 413 42 24 / 413 37 53
Fax: 0216 425 19 74
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İf you like a restaurant near the Bosphorus my advice is Reina Restaurant .

you can make a reservation from this link.
you must go 360 degree in beşiktaş its great
Hello ıt wıll be help for u

I strongly recommend u u should go to Kalamar Restaurant where is locate in Kumpkapı

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