where can i get pakistani food in kuwait?


Country: Kuwait


Most areas have small restaurants down the side streets that sell great Pakistani food and Kuwait City is full ot them too.
If it's ingredients you're after try LuLu hypermarket 4th Ring road between 55 and 60
well there is no specific restaurant for only pakistani food, its all mixed together in the indians food restaurants, and you can find them everywhere,
if you are in salmiya u can find them in Marina mall, or behind Fanar complex, and you can find them alot in Kuwait city downtown.
so it depends where do you live,
if you want , tell me which area do you live in, and I will give you specific details about it,
hope this info will be good for you
Well, I know two great Pakistani restaurants in Faheheel city.They are "Khan Baba" and " Wah Ji Wah". Both are specialized in serving only Pakistani foods. Amazingly, they are almost 100m close from one another; they are in the same street. Go to Fahaheel.Ask for "Red Tag center".Your target is in the ground floor.

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