volunteering at Cuzco Zoo

I want to volunteer in animal conservation in South and Central America but I don't want to go through an agency. I want to start as soon as possible and spend a year helping out at various locations. Any ideas how I can go about volunteering at Cuzco Zoo?


City: Cuzco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


You can have quite a few options:
-San Antonio Abad University have one zoo garden in Cuzco city, it started in 1950 as Picol Institute and is still a very very simple place without good quality services.
- Mundo Andino Tipon is a little private zoo, with all the permisions in order, you can find more information here
-If you want to know about some projects in Cusco about conservation, can review and probably they can offer something interesting for you. I not part of conservation world but know some people there and i know you can help in differents areas in the region. Good Luck!
The UNSAAC zoo is a pathetic mess. But there is a group of students who have started an association to improve the life of the animals. Mostly they need donations for better cages etc... But they might also be interested if you have certain skills (carpenter, biologist, vet...). The best way to get in touch would be through Dr. Karen Escobar, veterinarian. The web page for her clinic is and her mails and she will tell you how to go from here. Good luck.

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