hallo there,, how r u all. i am coming to toronto in summer, and i wanna know,, what is the popular restaurant,, any squash court ,,...

...and what are the fee's for them,, any beach to go and have some swim, and more places to enjoy my holiday there


City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada


Toronto has thousands of restaurants. I listed my favourites here:

I don't play squash, but there are many fitness centres that have courts. Many you have to have a membership to use or be a guest of a member though. There are better things to do in Toronto than play squash though, in my opinion.

The best beaches in Toronto to swim at I would say are on Toronto Island, which you can get to by ferry from downtown. Toronto is not famous for beaches and they are not like the beaches you can find in Mexico and Brazil. They are often rocky and the water is usually cold. But hey, this is Canada.

There are a few beaches that meet the Blue Flag standard for cleanliness. They are here:

For more ideas of things to do in Toronto check:

Dear user there are a few beaches in Toronto area. As Jason said the water tends to be cold. It doesn't warm up enough in our short summer. Toronto Island ( also known as Centreville or centre island). A ferry can take you across to the island for a fee adults are $6.50 each. With the Main entrance at foot of Bay St on Queens Quay. There is also Ashbridges , Kew beach. Cherry beach all kinda joining each other with a boardwalk in the east end of Toronto. Queen & Woodbine.

for squash ...........
this site will show u places and give you information on whats required or not.

Restaurants....... well there are plenty to choose from depending on your tastes and everybody here will tell you something different. I think this site will give you the most a spot i like to goto in Downtown Toronto at Church and Front st is HOT HOUSE Cafe prices range from $10 a meal and up.
thanks keith
i am in toronto now
and having a great time
and i have just came from dundas square

happy canada day

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