Top 3 Spanish Immersion facilities w room/homestay options in Cusco? 2 wk duration preferred.


City: Cusco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


i can recommend a school the name started with Amu........ it was a good school
good standard of teaching but not too formal.
the house they had on a the other hill from the school for students was also very good.
look on the internet for a school starting with the name Amu///////
Hi There:
Get in contact with Apumayo at , this is a local tour operator with a very compromised social agenda. They work with a couple of small Andean communities which offer home stays with the locals.

Be in touch with we will be more than hapy to assist You
contact me at we have the best trained teachers and city or rural homestay. Good luck,
Dear Tandy
My name is Sonia, now in the mornings am working in a Spanish school in Cusco, I would make two suggestions for you to choose according to the budget you have:
1st. Give a room, meals, and private Spanish classes.
2nd. Give a room, food and receive Spanish classes in school where I work.
If you are interested write to:

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