Where would you suggest going to for this years "Pust" (Carnival in English)??


Country: Slovenia


Cvetlińćarna in Ljubljana (as a party on saturday night)

during the day (saturday) Cerknica or Ptuj (big festivals)
The most popular carnival is probably in Cerknica (about 45 minutes from Ljubljana). There's a carnival in Ptuj as well (that's about 1 hour from Ljubljana) The one in cerknica is known for their witches and such and the one in ptuj has some traditional masks called Kurenti that might be interesting to see...I'm not sure if there will be anything major in Ljubljana...
I would suggest you to come to Ptuj, On Sunday, there is a big international carnival in the streets of Ptuj. Biggest in Slovenia. Everyday day you can visit a carnival hall, there are concerts of Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian musicians. On Saturday our students organise bid Students mask ball called Kurentanc. Visit us also on Tuesday, when there is a last day of Pust and it's a great party. We start around noon. If you have enough time and energy, visit all carnival days =))
Definetelly Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of Kurentovanje. Kurent is a typical mask from sheep's skin with huge cow bells that are supposed to scare the winter away. It has been going on for 2 week already with daily events and free concerts. Don't miss it!

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