I go to Germany this year

Does anyone know of buses in Germany?? Is there a specific coach company?


Country: Germany


Hi, well yes, exist a company
here is the link

is very good, I used when I went to Slovakia and Hungary.

Good Luck in your trip
Hi, Toto! Thank you for this link. :)
Toto Jimenez is right, is the biggest/best of the bus companies in Germany, though there are tons.

Greyline is the most common tourist bus company.

I don't recommend either company for Germany though, trains are faster, more comfortable, and more frequent.

I do all my tours via train because it really is the best way to go.
THank you, Michael!:) What prices for a train? And where it is possible to look the information and the schedule of movements of trains?
Here's the link for train information in Germany. The site is in English and is always up to date.

One tip that might make a big difference is if you are traveling within a state of Germany, for example from Nuremberg to Munich, or even from Munich to Salzburg, you can get very cheap tickets for the regional trains. These are for one entire state of Germany & one stop outside of the state. For example, the ticket for Bavaria is called the "Bayern ticket". There are individual Bayern tickets which cost €21 or normal Bayern tickets which are for 2-5 people and cost €28. They are good for an entire day, anywhere within that state. They cover regional trains, S-bahns (commuter trains), U-bahns (subways), trams, and buses even!
I agree with Michael, I do most of my travelling with train but it would also depend on what part of Germany you will be travelling in.
Each city or region has their own travel specialists.
2 larger ones are:

Starship Coach Service:

Traco Tours:

I hope this helps a little.

Cheers, Smiles and Happy Travels,
Thank you!:) This information so very much helps me.
Look for bus services at these links.
Greetings from Berlin

Hi!:) Thank you!
hey hey
you can also check out
there you can get in contact with people driving around by their own car and trying to find someone to share travel costs by offering a ride.
it's sometimes the cheapest way to travel if you can get along with traveling in a foreign car.
good luck

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