Any one know if I should have to tip a bellman in the UK?


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


I hope I'm not offending you when I say your question's a little vague. It would've been easier to answer if you'd said where you're going to stay, meaning what kind of hotel. If its an expensive one, I'd suggest tipping the bellman. Obviously, its not required but helps to draw the attention of that person. How much you want to tip depends on how often you need his assistance. If you're just dropping by the hotel for one night say, then I'd say you can even ignore the whole thing. But it would be friendly to tip around 5 pounds if you're staying for a couple of days where the room rent is well below 100 pounds per night. If the rent is higher, then the tip can be higher. This is a general suggestion.

By the way, here are some websites which may help with booking a hotel room online in a hotel of your choice:

Enjoy your stay in London.


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