Halo, I ive in Neubruecke (Nahe), Birkenfeld (rhine-pfalz). If I start traveling in germany from this point (and to go back here)... two days, which top 5 places in Germany do you recommend me to visit and how? Thanks sooo much. p.s. I will be travelling with my parents and brother, so we're looking for a family oriented holiday. Vielen Dank!


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Hello there
honestly my dear friend - you trying it very hard for making the impossible - possible! This is just a joke and I dont want to put you off. I dont know your budget so I don´t really know how much you want to spend - by airplane, boat, train etc...
Think first. You got two days, Germany is a big country and to see 5 top places you will have to travel and this takes up time! Valuable time.
To make it easy for you and your family just focus on two places – each for those two days. I don´t know when you travel as you didn’t mention any dates.
I would recommend to you Cologne (at the moment people are celebrating carnival there big time until Wednesday the 17.02.10). Cologne itself is a nice city especially the old dome. You can get there easily by train and you can get your ticket online ( Or just go to your nearest trainstation and get the tickets plus valuable information there. They all do speak english (at least they try).
The second day I would go by train very early to the lake of constance (down south – on the border of Switzerland and Austria which is a 5 hour journey from where you live.
This would be my choice. I hope you and your family have an unforgettable time over here.
Maybe you can give some tips around where you live – my dear friend.

Bye Bye
Thank you for your recommendation Peter!

I cannot go to switzerland because I'm Indonesian and it's not listed under my schengen visa. But I will try to plan the trip to Cologne and Austria. ^_^

I'm sorry to have more question, do you know what is the most convenient way to go to Amsterdam from here??!?!

danke schoen!

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