I've selected Pariso Lindo resort, Mexico as my wedding venue. Need your opinion.

I'm getting married this June and the venue is Pariso Lindo resort. Have you seen this place? What do you think of my choice?


City: Cancun

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


I think you will love this Resort. I was there last week picking up a group to go on one of our Catamarans for a "get to know the new family" party. They were very happy with the resort. What are you going to do with you group before or after the wedding? 1-888-335-1996 Robert Co-Owner
thanx for asking, but im afraid there has been a mistake when i created my account, which was today, coudn´t find my own country, therefore a part from mexico was automatically selected, i´m trying to resolve this issue, so i´m sorry that i can´t help in this matter
I honestly do not know this resort. It looks ok, but if I could, I would make some other suggestions.

If you would like a very nice resort which is also an all inclusive, I would suggest the GR Solaris.() I have stayed there many times in both Cabos and Cancun. Please check out tripadvisor for details on this, and other hotels I will mention in this letter.

Another all inclusive which is also very nice is the El Cid on the Riviera Maya
() It is an all inclusive resort as well, but I could perhaps get you a discount on their "normal" price.

If you would perhaps like something that is not an all inclusive, but is VERY classy, you could try one of the Royals in Cancun (). They are VERY nice (again, check tripadvisor for more details) but perhaps too laid back for a wedding party.

My favorite chain in all of Mexico is the Pueblo Bonito
And my favorite hotel of that chain is the Emerald Bay in Mazatalan. BEAUTIFUL beach, not too many people, Italian looking Gardens, and.. well. in a word.. perfect. It is not in Cancun, but in Mazatlan. It is a little harder to get there, but it is so worth it. The beach in Cancun still hasn't recovered from the bad storms they had a few years ago. It is also not as hot in Mazatlan as it is in Cancun.

Another advantage (or disadvantage, depending on what you are looking for) is that Mazatlan is not anywhere near as touristy as Cancun is.

If you are perhaps interested in the Solaris hotels, please let me know and I will ask them to send you a discount quote directly. I could also help you with the other hotels as well.

Mexico is a GREAT place to get married, whatever, and wherever you choose!


I think is a great resort, very big, my only opinion is about the privacy that you are looking for... is a enormous resort so everything depends on what you want, about the place the Riviera Maya is a great place to get married, congratulations!!!
Well the Ibero Star Paraiso Lobby Lindo it’s a really nice hotel, it has a really nice beach, but the access to the beach it’s not the best.
On service I can tell you that has a really really nice service.
One nice tip is to get at the front desk a map of the hotel if you are planning to go and explore the other lobbies because this hotel it’s really big.
Also make sure what bars, restaurant and services are included with your package, that way you will know were and at what time are open the nearest bars and restaurants to your location.
For sure you are going to get some tickets for dinners in deferent’s restaurants a la carte, this restaurants are really good just make sure that you make your reservation with the guest service personal at least 2 days in advance.
Also tell the receptionist that you are in your honeymoon and they will give you some especial things with your package
Paraiso Lindo is ok,i would also follow Localyte Cathy's options.friend of mine is getting married in july on ME Hotel.

good luck

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