Hey guys! Me and two friends are going to Barcelona this summer and staying there for 10 days. So what are the best places to...

...visit? Are there places to stay off? We also thought about going to Sitges as it may be better as far as the beach is concerned - is it worth giving a try? Or are the beaches in Barcelona good enough or even better? Recommendations on hotels would be awesome as well! Please help us, we need some inside information. :) Thanks in advance!


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain


There are a lot of things to see and do in Barcelona. Here are a few examples of what we could do: the Old Town (Rambla, Gothic Quarter with Old Cathedral, roman remains, medieval alleys and squares), Passeig de Gracia in the Eixample district where we'll see the Gaudí's appartment buildings Casa Milà / Pedrera and Casa Batlló, and the Sagrada Familia church, Gaudí's masterpiece, still under construction after more than 125 years of works. We could also do other sites such as the Park Güell by Gaudí, or the Montjuic Hill (city views, Olympic stadium and 1929 world fair) and the waterfront, or a museum of your choice.

Areas to avoid? Check out my safety tips here:

Sitges is fun, not just beach but also some shopping, good food and a cute old town with whitewashed houses. Plus it is easy to get there by RENFE train. In Barcelona the beaches are fine, but quite crowded, get dirty too quickly and there are many pickpockets around. Good for a couple of hours, but it's more relaxing to go out of town if you are planning a whole day at the beach.

My hotel recomendations are here:

Have a great trip!
Oh thanks a lot, you really wrote a lot of helpfull stuff :) may i ask just two more questions? i've already considered RENFE but where could i check the prices? moreover, is it possible to reach all those sights by foot or will we have to use the metro? if so, are there any offers such as a weekly tickets? as far as i know there is this T10 ticket but that may still not be enough.

Muchas gracias, Marta ;) Realmente nos has ayudado mucho!
Hi Nina..Great choice for a favourite city ! Where you stay depends on the type of holiday you want.If you´re planning to travel around, then Sitges would be´s a small, uber trendy town right on the beach. VERY gay in Summer. It´s about 25 mins from the city. 10 nights in the centre of Barcelona might be too much, although if you stay down around the Olympic port / Mar Bella beach area then it will be ok, as the beaches there are good. Why not start with 3 or 4 days in the city and then move out to Sitges for the rest of it. has loads of hotels avaialble..I guess your choice will all depend on the price you want to pay. Book early (you can always cancel nearer the time if need be - doesn¨t charge on booking), as Barcelona hotels fill up VERY quickly for the summer. Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip. Paul.
Barcelona is a great place to visit with friends! A lot of parties are going on there and beaches are great too, so you come back home well-tanned!
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