What's the best time to visit Disneyworld, Epcot, Universal Studios, etc. and what's a good length of stay for 3 adults?


City: Orlando

State: Florida

Country: United States


I recomend fall. Not so hot, and not too many people.
If you think in spending New Years, or Christmas, over there I don't recommend, unless you want to have a onelifetime experience, and see all of the beautifull fireworks ...
The only problem is the crowd.
I think that for adults, it is enough a week in Disney. Don't spend too much money in a hotel, because you will only use the hotel to sleep.
The advantages of staying in a hotel inside of Disney, is that you can go and take a nap, and later enjoy the rest of the day.
If you want to visit all of the Disney parks at once,be prepared, you will need very good shoes.
I have to agree that fall would be the best time. The weather is not unbearably hot and the crowds are smaller in fall. However, more activities are around in summer because there are more employees available at Disneyworld and in summer demand for activity is greater. It rains often in Orlando, so don't forget to pack a rain slicker (lightweight)and/or umbrella. When you get wet, you get cold and especially in air conditioning when it's humid. Orlando is always humid.

I also agree that about one week is a good length of time for the visit. If you get bored you can try Sea World and Universal in addition to Disney. If you take 2 weeks you can take a break from the parks and do something else, like go to the beach in Daytona or Ormond Beach or visit Cape Canaveral. You might even consider a cruise to the Bahamas from Cape Canaveral. I did that one around Thanksgiving and it was great.
We went to Disney World during Thanksgiving week and found the weather to be very pleasant, not hot or humid but some chances of passing and brief thunderstorms. We ended up investing in a few Disney World ponchos. Also because it was Thanksgiving, it wasn't crowded. Finally, the best reason was that they turned on their Holidays lighting and decoration in that week. We had fake snow falling on us while enjoying the lights.

Note that during that week, only 1 of Disney World's 3 water parks was open. We spent 1 day at the water park and 1 day at every theme park. That's 1 week total.
Right now! The weather is beautiful and our children are still in school so you will not have to worry about the park being filled right now.

Don't forget to visit Busch Gardens to while you're here.
I worked over to Disney (in Epcot) for almost 1 year and I can tell you that the parks are really beautiful in spring...I can tell you not to go during summer as the temperature is extremely high and humidity could kill you :-) should also look at disney web sites for opening days of the 2 wonderful water parks over there, that can make your holiday a bit more refreshing...try not to go during any of the bank holiday and Xmas time, will be a nightmare and too full to appreciate the parks...
If you're going to epcot, definetly try to reserve a table at the Italian restaurant, as is always pretty busy..
hope you'll enjoy your stay!
April is a good time but I you don't mind the crowd then Thanksgiving & Christmas is probably the greatest experience you can have as there is loads of parade & animations and the weather is cool
April is a good time but I you don't mind the crowd then Thanksgiving & Christmas is probably the greatest experience you can have as there is loads of parade & animations and the weather is cool. There is a lot of things to do so at least a week but longer will be better if you really wanna see all
Early Spring is beautiful, no lines, no humidity, long days because of the Daylight savings time change, near parkings
6 days so you can see and do everything!

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