PLEASE HELP!! Apartment for long term lease in Cape Town?

I'm still in Singapore now but I'll be back in Cape Town in two weeks time. Can you please recommend a website where I can find apartment that I can rent on a long term basis? I tried searching online but all I found were apartments for sale or for rent for just a short time (vacation/holiday). Please help me.


City: Cape Town

Province: Western Cape

Country: South Africa


Hi, would you be interested in renting a smallish house in Cape Town? I know of a lady (non commercial) who is looking for just that in CT? Let me know and I will set you up with the contact information and you deal with her directly. For more information mail me at .

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Frank Theron
try or Cape Town Tourisim or Goggle ~Just Letting one of theses should be able to help
Type Cape Town Travel & Tourism -


Hope this will help u
Hi dankohner2, in addition to the reply I gave first up.... I forgot to mention that the house is furnished, if that is what you are looking for? The house is located in Tableview approximately 20km from the Cape Town CBD.
Feel free to contact me at for more info.

Frank Theron
Try or
Look under 'Flats/House/Real Estate'
Hi there,

Yes, gumtree is very good, and you can also go to - select rent.

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Angela of Panthera Tours
Hi There!
I also recommend GUMTREE - It's a local ads board.
GOOGLE is also good - It's a search engine. It's up to you to specify good search criteria!
Try also CAPE ADS ...

Hi There , Gumtree is far the best of the sites mentioned. I have sons who all study or work in Cape Town and Gumtree has always been the answer.
Hello again... you can also contact !


Many agents are area specific. You did not mention which area you would be interested in. To start off though, here is the name of an agent in the Tableview / Blouberg area. She does long-term rentals, and will most likely be able to guide you to other agents - depending on the area you wish to rent. The lady's name is Jenny and her email is Mention that Debbie recommended her. If she is unable to assist, please let me know and I will find other alternatives for you.
All the best
In my opinion ...

as well as
are great choices when looking for rentals, accommodation and anything in between ;)
Hi, you don't metion which area in Cape Town. If you're more specific we could find a place for you, as we do this all the time for our clients, many of whom have now moved permanently to Cape Town. You're welcome to mail us at Cheers
is definitely one of the better places to look. there are frequent updates and new posts appear almost by the minute. good luck.
You can contact or visit the website Hope they can help you with your search.

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