My wife and I would like to explore a long term rental

Would you be interested and what would the cost?


City: La Cruz

Province: Guanacaste

Country: Costa Rica


La cruz Is a very litle comunity near our border with Nicaragua, and you can rent for a long therm for less of 500 usd a small and basic house, if you want luxury locations, it isn't a place for you, iin this case you could rent in other comunities of northwest Guanacaste like Conchal Tamarindo Nosara , in this case you have a lot of options starting at 600 usd to 4000 usd or more
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I am also renting my home in Birrisito de paraĆ­so, Cartago province at 4400 feet above sea level. Beautiful views, excellent weather!

Check it out at: . Click on photo album:'Quinta la Comarca'.

Pura vida amigos!

Federico Grant Esquivel
Good Morning! Are you familiar with Costa Rica? If not, you may want to come down for several weeks and explore Costa Rica before you decide where you would like to rent. We live in a wonderful small community between the airport and the beaches, Atenas. Feel free to contact us with further questions.
Hi there. So your interested in the area of La Cruz. La Cruz is a border community some 50 kms from the Nicaraguan border. Jobs in the area are very faint even though the area does have a small comerce. However many of the local people go to the capital, Liberia, to do there shopping. If you happen to have your own car then it is fine cause that way you can come and go as you please. What I like about the area is that it is not at all touristy it does have its enchantment even though it is nowhere close to the ocean which is what many people seek also it is very close to the Santa Rosa National Park, an area where you can see animals and a bit of the history of Costa Rica and the pride of the peoples of Guanacaste. Also the area of La Cruz is close to some unspoiled beaches, take for example Tamarindo. Living there could come up to be around the $1,200 dls a month. That is for shelter, food, water and electric. As for internet access it is a bit difficult depending on where you live. What I mean about this is that if you decide to live in the center of town they do have internet access but if your inmersed in a small area outside the center of La Cruz then that might be a bit difficult. Things that I do not like about the town of La Cruz is that it is in excess to windy. Due to the situation of lack of jobs in the area there is a high for breaking into someones home. I also do not like the aridness of La Cruz.
If you ever crossed the dessert from California into Arizona you would say that pretty much looks like La Cruz. La Cruz touristically is a bypass town.
Get a look at the caribbean on the other hand?
Hi. I am living in la Cruz for eight years now. It is a beautiful and peaceful
community of farmers and fishermen. We have an extensive coastal line and
a lot of space in national parks closeby. I would need a little bit more info about
what you want to rent. Size? Living Standard ( eg. Ac or Not )? Farm or town?
Rental Period? And so on
hasta luego

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