I'm thinking of going to Reveltoke next winter season, any suggestions?

Do you think it s easy to find a job? How is nightlife? How far is the resort from the city?


City: Revelstoke

Province: British Columbia

Country: Canada


Dear Marie - Greetings from Montreal! The name of the town you are asking about is actually Revelstoke, and it is a tiny village really, surrounded by some of Western Canada's most idyllic geography. You will feel quite at home, as the mountains are very similar in some ways to your Swiss Alps.Your question about obtaining a job is very much dependant upon your passion and determination more than the number of jobs available. Research, research, research is the key, and you will find what you are looking for to be sure. For the nightlife factor you will have to go to Vancouver, but then nothing compares to Montreal, so on your way to Revelstoke, be sure to plan on spending at least a Friday and Saturday in Montreal to fill up your club hunger, where you can dance, and party until breakfast!

Hope this helps.

Warmest Regards,

Gregory B. Gallagher
I lived in Revelstoke for 10 years. Alot has changed but the snow has not, I havnt been to the newer hill but it is all nice. Because it is a small town it may not be the easiest to find a job, the resort is only about 15 minutes from town, the nightlife can be good, but dont expect great partys but if you want great skiing, a live night central night life, and a easier place to find jobs you should check out Nelson. it is 4 hours from Revelstoke. It is a much better town and local area. ENJOY
Revelstoke has been growing over the years, and is well known for its great skiing. Revelstoke Mt. Resort is partially responsible for that, and is continuing to expand.

That said, while Revelstoke has changed considerably over the past few years from the tiny town it was a couple of decades ago, it's still not a large city like Montreal and won't have the large economy to depend on for jobs. During the winter driving conditions can be difficult if you are planning on commuting a lot for work. I would suggest checking it out on a visit first, but by all means take advantage of its great year-round activities while you are there!

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