My wife and I are coming to Amsterdam tomorrow (2/6); looking for a place for dinner

We will be arriving around 8:00 pm and would like to eat in a good restaurant that is more for locals than tourists. Can you recommend other places to eat other meals? We will be leaving 2/9. Also please provide ideas for sites to see. This is my first time using Localyte.


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


i think Holland is the only country where you don't want to eat local. somehow history didn't shuffle any cards for them from cooking. however, they are quite a few nice restaurants where you can experience international cuisine. i would suggest restaurant moeders on the rozengracht-marnixsstraat corner.
Thanks for getting back to me. This is the first time I used Localyte and I am very impressed! My wife and I will try to go to Moeders if we do not arrive in Amsterdam too late.
Be well,
Hi and welcome to Holland soon (in over a matter of hours I can assume... ;)). You asked on local food which indicates your curiosity for sure as someone who has not been to our country before. We have Michelin rated Chefs and places that caters excellent savory cuisine of Dutch origin but if you are swayed by other culinary tales from elsewhere... you will also be catered with many found in Amsterdam.
Places to consider until the weer hours of yr departure date are the following>>>: The More club on the Rozengracht after the restaurant as suggested earlier. It should be well spent belief you me even if you are alone or with a companion. Complaining & Teasing is a Dutch trait... and meant well with a humorous tint so, don't be overly intimidated with an anger but accept it as a dutch way with welcoming your presence...its also a litmus to see if U R a sport to be further catered for with a joyous crowd or company. Enjoy yourself and let us know if you will, after you return to your country of your Dutch experience feeling Amsterdamned by our cultural hospitality... :)) ...remember these words, "Dank U Wel" and "Tot Ziens", it will be handy for you for sure.
I can heartily recommend Claes Claesz at Egelantiersstraat 24-26.
The service is friendly, dishes are affordable (around 20 Euros). The Chef is also the owner, and that is noticeable in the way he cooks and serves.

By the way, Moeders is nice too!
i was tried to answered you but i couldn't. i just in this side recently, have to get used to it. but is suggest you to come to Amsterdam old south, De Pijp. here you will find it around lots of nice place, restaurants, cafe, bars, to eat. vry multiculture choises. enjoy your visit.
Just in case anyone else is reading this later...

I would go for a typical indonesian rice table. As indonesia was a former colony Indonesian food has almost as much heritage as 'typical' Dutch and is far tastier. For a good one try Restaurant Blauw or if you want something directly in the centre then try Kantijl en de Tiger .

If you're just here for a short stay then I would try one of the many canal boat trips. It's touristy, but you will get a good flavour of Amsterdam in a couple of hours. Otherwise just get lost in the many small streets and pop into a Dutch cafe when you need refreshments!

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