Moving to Siaulai and need info PLEASE

I need to know everything. What are the people like, do you liove there? Do you like it? If so why? If not, why. What is there to do? What is best way to make friends? What are no nos (don


Country: Lithuania


I study in Kaunas. Also i can say about Klaipeda and Vilnius many things but i dont know much about Siauliai. It is the 4th town in Lithuania. If you are student it wont be so difficult to make friends but if you come as a tourist it can be more difficult. It is dangerous to walk at night time, better to take a taxi. Ask me what do you want to know more:)what will you do in siauliai?
Hello. Well,the general opinion about the people from Siauliai isn't very good, because the people who live there are considered to be quite unfriendy, but I guess that it is not true, you can find all kinds of people in every place, so I think that you won't have any dificulties to find friends there. I live in Vilnius/Kaunas, but I've been in Siauliai few times and it seemed quite a nice city with its specific spirit, you'll se. Siauliai is also called Sun city. I strongly recommend you to visit this web page there you can see what famous places Siauliai has and what activities you can find there.If you want to make friends there, first of all, try to visit some special web pages which will definately help you to find friends. For example , , . Unfortunately, Siauliai is considered to be a dangerous city, so be careful, and try to avoid walking in lonely, dark streets at night. I hope I've answered your questions, if not, feel free to ask again. Thanks for your question and good luck!
hey,, nice to know that u planning to move to siaulai.. well im from india and i study in kaunas medical university and i have visited siaulai abolut 3 4 times and i say that yes it is a bit dangerous city but then which place is n ot dangerous? about siaulai its the 4th largets and one of the fastest growing city in lithuania it has been revamped recently and has a nice city center to visit and see. the city transport is also quiet ok but i advise you to carrya a city map.. there are 2 3 nice discos to hang out. well locals are good and bad so it depends who you meet but ya be careful. ummm i guess about 20- 30 km from siaulai there is very interesting place called kryzu kalnis and in english it is called hill of crosses. it has millons of crosses and the number keeps on growing.. related to some historical event with the russian occupation and even the pope had been there.. you will like it. and then there are some other towns to visit like 30 km away is radviliskis nothing much to see there except taht it was the biggest lithuanian railway junction to the european cities in some 17 century and it was completely wiped out by some kind of palgue and then rehabilitated.. the best way to make friends there is either talking to people aor just hanging out in discos or pubs but pick the best ones.. about me well i liked siaulai a bit better than kaunas..:) and remember stay away from trouble and ya like the girl said avoid dark places and lonely nights prefer a taxi if you are going in the night....anyway in siaulai you can visit the city center and the newely made shopping center. and of course you can get buses to riga and poland becasue most of the buses going to riga etc are passing from siaulai..i hope it will of some help to you.. have a nice trip!
What are you going to do in Siauliai? If it is only your idea to go were so change your mind. It is small town, about 150 000 people. Industrial city. People did'nt saw a lot of foregners. Better go to Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, real europe..
well, i don't want to scare you, but Siauliai is one of the dangeres city in Lithuania, i'm suggesting do not walk at night at all, just go by taxi. How to make friends - it is hard enought to make real friends, cause a lot of times especialy young ladys is trying to get your money by making you drunk. There is a lot of beautiful girls, at the same time, there is a lot of danger skinheads, just trying without a reason to beat you out. So it is what i know and heard about Siauliai... of course, there is famous places to see, like hill of the crosses and big stones in Mosedis vilage.
For you-I would prefer to go to live in Vilnius, cause it is a main city and lot of culture, many bars, night clubs, enought to be safe, much more foreigners, friendly people and etc.
If you'll need more info, just let us to know. ;)
Take care
HI, well Im agree that Siauliai is not one of the calmest place in Lithuania, and to make real friends for foreigner there its quite complicate. First of all you have to speak or at least understand Lithuanian language or Russian. Or try to find another foreigners there, like that you will not be alone. To make ¨friends¨ you can make very easy in the bar by buying to some guys beer but then you can suffer from that friendship. Try to find responsible and friendly people in government centers.
Hello there. In general you are moving to town which used to be quite big one some time ago. Now it become a province if we compare it to capital Vilnius. there is no much cultural life going there, but still people are friendly. young generation is moving for universities to KAUNAS or VILNIUS. Those who stay there are not so much intelegent, but still you could find the things to do there if you need it.
Hello! I live in Vilnius and have visited Siauliai only a couple of times. However, I agree to other people, and I would not consider moving to Siauliai a great idea. It's really an industrial city, and it is considered dangerous. There was kind of a sandal, when local had a fight with NATO pilots some time ago... :) If you are determined to move to Lithuania, I would recommend Vilnius or Klaipeda.
I live in Siauliai,so you can ask me individualy as you like
Don't move to Siauliai, you could get killed there if you have style. 4th biggest village in Lithuania.
Can't recommend to move there, you have to be careful at night in the streets. If you have any really specific questions PM me.
Hi! Have been to Siaulai only once, just for a few hours. So no comment about what to do or what to see. The only thing I know is that because of the way American NATO soldiers have been behaving there (like assholes, sorry) you'll have a pretty difficult time making friends. Even in the capital Vilnius they have been known to cause trouble.
I was in Siauliai long time ago, so I cant help you, sorry.
Siauliai is beautiful town. Though its well known that ther's a lot of skinheads in there and they are very active, like ruininga Jewish Hanuka and marching against immigrants.

So if you planning to do your job and sit at home there - it's ok, you wont get hurt probably. But if you wanna visit some pubs, see some nightlife.. well i just dont recomend to do that unless u have lots of lithuanian friends from Siauliai going with you.

I would highly recommend to chose other place to live.
Sauliai is one of the big cities of Lithuania though i've never been there as an adult, just as a child with school trips. i'm from the capital myself so i'm not that keen on getting to know perifery.. as to the common opinion about Siauliai - you're welcome to go there if you pass to be a lithuanian - if you look more of a foreigner (especially if you're not east europe like, darker hair, eyes and skin) i don't think you'd get there much of a social life. for making friends is probably the same thing everywhere - go to the places where university students hang ot and you'll make new friends though as i've said that i've never been to sauliai as an adult i can't recommend any plce there.. if you have a posibility - go to work to Vilnius, to the capital. more tolerance, more social life, more european :)
good luck with the moving and adaptation period!
if you'll visit Vilnius - contact me, i'll show you around! ;)
people in Siauliai are ok, maybe more closed and need more time to get friends... but all lithuanian are like that... more or less... so just have patience..
...about Siauliai... I have heard You shouldn't go through a street by a walkers' pass if a car is going on in Siauliai not like in Kaunas where every car will stop if You stand near a walkers' pass.
Also You shouldn't stop Your car near the not controled by a traffic-lights walkers' pass if there stands a person in Siauliai.
Such a strange town... Believe or not :)
Siauliai? r u kiddin lol? u poor thing,that's probably the worst place to live in lithuania.. though i'm not a local so can't tell u the details.. but hey,there's a great theatre,so when u'll get bored of all those shaved-head creatures,u'll be able to watch a play or something lol
Siauliai? r u kiddin lol? u poor thing,that's probably the worst place to live in lithuania.. though i'm not a local so can't tell u the details.. but hey,there's a great theatre,so when u'll get bored of all those shaved-head creatures,u'll be able to watch a play or something lol
at least you not gonna get shooted down like in Kaunas. hah.
well, i wouldnt suggest moving to lithuania at all, not talking about siauliai at all. or go to coutryside! its pretty there!
There is nothing to see in Siauliai.It is simple town with poor architecture and with very provincial mentality and environment.

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