Hello! I would like to know if the middle of April is good month to visit Lego Park ?Is it worth seeing?


Country: Denmark


Coming in April to see Legoland Park in Denmark seems to be a very advantageous
decision, since it will be the beginning of spring, the people will be all smiles, specially after having survived the harshest winter in decades, and of course you will see one of the major tourist attraction of Denmark, located in Jutland, the Danish peninsula which is linked to the continent, a charming place, where you will find nice looking lanscape full of flowers. Denmark as its best.
Legoland is worth visiting, but - its so much more fun when you bring kids in the right age - thats from 5-13 - younger may not appreciate it as much and older may be a little bored.

Its not open every day - and the opening hours differ a little - check at

At the same homepage its possible to book the Lego hotel and more information about opening hours are available.

Enjoy your stay

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