Where is the most interesting place for book lovers?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


There is a great book loving culture in Prague, but for my dime Antikvariát Smíchov is the best place for the book purists. Old and new on every subject.

Books and coffee or a meal? Try The Globe.
It depends if you're talking about buying or reading.

If the former, then try either Palac Knih (Book Palace) on Wenceslas Square, or somewhere like The Big Bookshop on the corner of Mala Stupartska and Jakubska.

For somewhere to sit down and read a good book with adecent cup of coffee, then try the Globe Cafe on Pstrossova (sp) which also has a book section at the front.
You can try Kanzenberger or New Luxor on Wenceslav sq.

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