What clubs are good late night?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


For dancing- Radost FX, Roxy, Nebe, SaSaZu, Chapeau Rouge. For drinking and smoking- U Sudu, Chapeau Rouge. Last drink? U Kotvy, Lazarska.
Plenty of great places, but my personal favourites are;

Infinity - close to Flora

Phenomen - Nadrazni, close to Andel

The Dogs Bollocks - also on Nadrazni and close to Phenomen is also worth a look

Last night I checked out Jackrabbit Slims (Mazaný Králíček) near Massarykova Nadrazi, and it was packed with beautiful women at 3am when I left. It was showing no signs of slowing down. They had Lobcowicz on tap for 35Kc and it was really good, much better than the Heineken which tasted watery. It has a theme from PULP FICTION movie, that was the diner Uma Thurman and John Travolta Like Infinity with Cadillacs!

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