I would like to visit Islamic historical sites in Bosnia. Could anyone help me list it down. Then, when is the possible time to go to...

...Bosnia? Furthermore, is English and Arabic widely spoken there?


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mostar, Blagaj, Travnik, Sarajevo are the places to visit. I beleive that almost 70% of younger people speak english, You shuld not have any problems getting around.
I would recomend spring time, not to crouwdy, reasonoble prices for accomodation and discounts to rent a car.
In case You need more info let me know.
Regards from Mostar
I don't know anybody in Bosnia speaking Arabic,so i don't think it is a widely spoken language here.Engslih of course is,like every place in the world.
About Islamic historical sites i can't help u much,every city in federation has mosques,but that's all i know.Hope somebady smarter will apear with an answer.

Greetings :)
What is Islamic historical site for you? If you’d like to visit mosques, there is one in almost every town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Where there are none you are probably in a town that in the last war mosque was raised with the ground. If you are looking for places that have Islamic urban nucleus, the best preserved ones are in Sarajevo, Mostar, Travnik, and of small ones: Pocitelj, Stolac (is destroyed used to be the most beautiful of small towns), etc… If you want to look at something off the beaten path: try to locate couple of tekyes. There is tekye in Blagaj (near Mostar) that is easy to find as it is post card tekye; there are two near Fojnica (that would not be far from Sarajevo), one in village Vukeljic and one in Oglavak. As for zikr service cannot help you there you would have to check locally; I know that in Vukeljic tekye they do it sometimes (not sure about English there, it is in the mountains)…
Or if you are looking not just to look at the buildings you can check Ajvatovica pilgrimage [; ]. A lots of people come to “Svetinja” [roughly translates as Sacred] spring near small town of Buzim (NW Bosnia) on every May 6. Svetinja has been in local memory since there are people here (way before Islam came), but people keep the tradition of observance of the time-space; they simply recognize significance of the site regardless…
Younger folks generally speak English, and you should, at least, be able to find your way around using it. Arabic?, only those who go to select collages would speak Arabic. Hope this helps a bit in giving you ideas what to see… You should try google some of the things. Also, keep in mind that we are not so touristy but in Sarajevo, Mostar, and that many other places you have to know/tell where you want to go and people will help you, but do not expect tours for all what I mentioned here… Hehe. Enjoy your visit. Bosnia and Hercegovina is very mystic country and if you can see bellow the surface you will find what BH is.
If you need more info, ask. I am not in BH at present, but I can help you with information, or some connections…
You should definitely visit Blagaj and tekey, you won't have any problems with communication, I have couple of friends there they would love to help you, they've studied madrasah.
The best ground to start from is Islamic Institute in Sarajevo. Any further information regarding translators to Arabic or cultural facts of islamic tradition buildings and sights should be provided by profesionals working within the institute.

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