Is there a good place to watch American or English Sporting events?


Country: Czech Republic


There are more choices for sports pubs featuring English and Irish sporting events, partly because the city is closer to UK, but more likely because of the time difference. For UK pubs, Dubliner, Shamrock, and Caffreys are popular. For American Football, JAMA is the scene on Sundays. Baseball is a little harder to find, because the games typically start at 7 or 8 EST, which is 1 or 2 in the morning. So even of the pub can pick up the signal, they probably wont show it for fear you will stay to watch.
Plenty of decent sports bars in Prague;

The Dubliner (formerly Legends) is always good, as are the likes of Rocky O'Reilly's, Caffrey, The George & Dragon, Jama, JJ Murphys, Molly Malone's, The Shamrock, The James Joyce or O'Che's.

Zlaty Hvezda (the Golden Star) is also very good, with various sports feeds from around the world - plus the beer there tends to be much better (and cheaper) than the more expat style places.

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