What is the 'best' beer in Czech Republic? Where should I get it?


Country: Czech Republic


No right answer here, I am afraid. It is hard to find a bad one, but for all night drinking it is hard to beat anything 12o like Pilsner Urquel, Bernard, Staropramen or Krucovice. Hard to find but really excellent is Svijany of Žatec. Černý Kozel is a great dark beer, and many old microbreweries or pivovar like U Medvedků, Novoměstský Pivovar and U Fleků simply bring you beer. But my all time favorite for its pilsner taste and 'Guiness' draught texture is appropriately named VELVET. Can be found on tap at AL CAPONE's, Maleho Glena, and U Potrefena Husa. This is almost never liked by pilsner purists, but you will find nothing like it in the world. If you find one in a can, bring it home, but dont try to get it on carry on, it has a nitrogen capsule inside the can.
Svijany Bernard and Poutnik are in my opinion the best - but it also depends very much on how they are kept.
very good question acctually. there are loads of brands here and it is hard to say what might fit you the best but I´d recomend you the most popular such as: Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Staropramen, Budějovický (Budvesier) Budvar.. Anywhere you are it is not a problem to find these brands. Especially not in Prague. Basicly taste of czech beers is bitter.. It could be compared to german or danish Lagers.. I am sure you will enjoy it anyway.. bye Mirek

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