What is your advice on the publicly solicited cultural events such as chamber music and Black Light Theatre?


Country: Czech Republic


Black Light Theatres can be interesting, but do not neccesarily represent Czech culture. They are designed for tourists, and since you probably are one, you may very much enjoy the experience. Just don't think its as good as Czech theatre gets. Try Narodni Divadlo or Divadlo Komedie for that. Chamber Music at Prague Castle, San Salvator Cathedral (by Charles Bridge) or in the stairwell of the National Theatre is also designed for tourists and aggressively promoted by scruffy outdoor promoters. These are typically talented musicians from Prague Symfonie or Czech Filharmonie that are thrown together on a 'need a little cash tonight' basis, not groups that practice together. They are also the 'Reader's Digest' version of famous pieces, and are designed for an hour or so of greatest hits before dinner. If that is what you are looking for, enjoy. If you want the real thing, book something ahead of time at the Rudolfinium.
More likely the quartets are from other orchestras, not Czech Filharmonie, I am told.

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