I would like to vist Sweden and Denmark to explore my roots but I've heard that it is very expensive for Americans. Is this true?


Country: Sweden


Probably true due to weak US dollars.
The exchange rate is not good but if you go knowing where you want to go and what you want to research, you can save time and money. Do your homework - get all the information you can from family in America about where relatives came from, start learning how to search for family info on the computer. Genline charges a fee but can be very useful. Learn about the Mormom church records and check them (free). Check the online Ellis Island records if you think any ancestors came via New York. Most younger people in Sweden speak English - try emailing a relative you identify.
Join Hostel group if you can tolerate very basic accommodations - they have nice and rather inexpensive hostels in various places. One is on a ship in Stockholm harbor, for instance. Good luck.
I think it depends on how you travel as well. The week dollar makes it expensive yes but join for example and save money with staying at locals. Copenhagen is a great city (was there last week) and from there you could easily cross over to Malmö by train, takes you like half an hour to get there. I think travelling to Stockholm is quite a trip but you can check the train website of Sweden here:

I think they are both wonderful countries, hope you'll make the trip!
Hi, certainly worth a visit, as to the expence I can only say that Sweden is very similar in price to the UK, but it really is a great place with lots of beautiful nature and wide open spaces

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