Can you show me around your neighborhood?” “I’m looking for surfing lessons.”


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


There are a lot of nice places to surf here. Praia do Futuro, Icaraí, Paracuru, etc. When are you coming to Fortaleza?
Hey Anderson there are several schools about. There is one on Leblon beach but i would head to Barra da Tijuca as they have much better waves. You can get to Barra by car/ bus/ taxi and it is about 10- 15 minutes from Leblon with no traffic. You can also check out Arpoador there are a lot of surfers there, and in behind this beach there is a shopping centre that is mainly surfshops and here you will be able to get all the info you need.
Unfortunately there are no beaches here! Sorry I can not help you
Hi, yes I do can show you the neighborhood.
If you are looking for surfing lessons. We have a surfing teacher in Leblon.

Best regards,
Hi there! The best surfing near Rio is about an hour outside the city, but I think it is worth the trip to the beaches of Recreio and Prainha. There is a surf bus from Rio that will take you out there - . On their site you can see pictures of some of the beautiful waves on offer!

Once you are there, get in touch with Rio Surf and Stay who have lessons, board rentals and even accommodation if you want to stay a few days.

Have fun, good luck with the surfing!
Hi ! For surfing / body boarding lessons and tips I suggest you to send a message to Roberto Germano, a friend and a famous body boarder in South America, he brough the body boarding to Brazil and he has a projects of body boarding/surfing school for children and teenagers of less favoured economic classes, he does a nice work. BUT WRITE IN SPANISH, he doesn´t speak English. Tell him that Claudia gave you his contact: . He lives in Florianopolis-Guarujá-Sao Paulo. That´s all for now, what I teach is about Brazilian culture, but in Sao Paulo.
yes for sure but i dont do the surfing lessons
I'm at Sao Paulo,is a big city, the beaches are 1h30 minutes left, I'm not in Rio.
Hi Anderson, are you in Rio right now?
Because I'm going to Salvador Bahia to spend my vacation there. How long you are going to stay here?
Let me know, if I'm in Rio no problem to help you with your surf lessons.
Over here there are only hill waves! our surfing is by walikng, cycling and horse hiding...
Best thing is for you to either catch the surf bus () which will take you to th ebest beaches: Prainha, etc or any bus going to barra da Tijuca: there, on the beach you will find small surf schools that also rent boards.
The best surf school at Florianopolis is Escolinha de Surf Evandro do Santos. The structure of school is based on Evandro dos Santos' experience, thought his successful career at National and International competitions circuit. Contact the school: . When you come to Florianopolis?
Sorry, no beaches in my town :/ But the people from Rio sure can help you!
I have taken people to Buzios for surfing lessons. Send an e-mail to Efraim "Efraim" , he is Buzios' best surf teacher.
well I am in Pipa, RN, but I know that in Rio de janeiro there are several surf schools, just ask around at Barra da Tijuca and Ipanema (Ipanema isnt a surfers beach, but there are plenty of tourists and information). Have a great trip, Rio is amazing!
I see that you are looking for classes in Rio de Janeiro.Well, I did not visit Rio yet, so if you come to Fortaleza I can help you, ok?
Here whe have nice beaches and de see can be heavy so the best time of year for surf is around march
Yes, I can show you around here in Salvador. You are gonna love this place. The beaches are awesome for surfing and there are some places for surfing lessons if you want.
Yes,here in Santos on the beach name " José Menino" have one good school free all youngs that likes this sport.
Are you in Rio already? I'm a surf teacher and also I can bring you around to check out the city, what are you looking for? only beachs and surf? maybe trekking to some peak at tijuca forest or a Manu Chao concert next week?
In Paracuru (Ceara) are great beaches for surfing. Some of the world best surfers are from Paracuru. I.e Tita Tavares...
Perfect spot for beginners and advanced surfers...
Here in Santos there is a school that gives free surf lesson, i can arrange that for you. And i'll be happy to show you around. Santos is a great city.
There is no beaches in Belo Horizonte, but you can take a look to this websites because there are a lot of informations and webcams refering to surfing...........


go to a friend of mine website called
my website by the way is - Rio de Janeiro the best place to learn surf and party!!
hi, i am not into surfing, but all the other stuff.
contact me at , if u need anything!
enjoy time! soeren -
Come to ¨Floripa ¨ its the better place , hugs . Seb
Go to Pepe Beach in Barra da Tijuca, there you will find surf teachers, beautiful people and the best beach in Rio.
Hello, I want to leave company for the night in Rio de Janeiro, age 20 to 30 years, friendship, someone suggests?
anderson the best time for surfing is the summer we always have wind and waves, in the winter the water can be heavy and more for surfers with experience but more you go to the north better it will be for surfing
Most surfing in Brazil is done in the northeast part of Brazil ... My best friend is a professional surfer who gives lessons whenever he is in town. I am also the designer for the biggest surf magazine in Brazil.

let me know if you need any help.
Barra da Tijuca Beach, Recreio Beach and "Prainha" Beach are better places to surfers in Rio . There are many others but for the pratice of surf i gave the better!
Contact me via ! I'm on the web as a Rio-Brazil-Lat.Am. travel counseler. I cater to travellers of ALL budgets. Jim
So how was your trip to Rio?
Surf and Stay in Recreio.
People in Recreio are simply the best folks who can help you!

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