I plan to visit Prague, Karlovy Vary, and Cesky Krumlov.

I would like to know, what is the cheapest mode of transportation in the Czech Republic? Also, when will the Czech Republic convert it's currency to the Euro, if at all? I assume this might affect travel expenses for tourists in the near future.


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Trains a re cheap but can take an age.
Coach (Letuska is the one I prefer) to KV is cheap and quicker than the train - if you go to CK leave very early or stay overnight would be my advice .. there are loads of trips organised in Prague to both places .. I can also recommend a Pension in KV.

Czech is slated to enter the Euro in 2012 - I have no idea if this will actually happen at that point - so not the near future
Thanks Jamie! I appreciate your insight very much. :) I'll definitely take your advice on Cesky Krumlov. :)
The train service here is good (and cheap) but can be slow at times, unless you're using the EC trains between major cities.

The bus services are usually very good, and cheaper than the trains though you'd need to make sure you book a seat as they can get busy - especially to places like KV and CK.

You can use a company like Cedok (website) to organise all your travel needs, or perhaps check out what is available through Student Agency who also run very good services around the country.

As far as the Euro is concerned, well I wouldn't worry about that as the latest date I heard being proposed for Euro adoption is 2015!!
The Euro won't be adopted until 2015? Well, I guess I have plenty of time to plan a trip, lol. Thanks for that info Andy!
Hello Levar
I think that Jamie has answered your questions very well.
All I would like to say is that you have chosen an excellent country to visit and your selection of towns very good.
CZ converting to the Euro is in my opinion many years away yet. I won't get into politics :) If you need to convert some cash when you are in Prague I can recommend an Exchange place. Be careful they vary greatly in their rates.
If you look at my profile I have some information that might be of interest to you and you have inspired me to add my Exchange recommendation to the profile soon.
Kind regards and enjoy your visit.
Greetings Mark. I'll look into that Exchange recommendation as you suggested. When I arrive, it will be a lot of help to know the best Exchange place. It will save me some time...and money. Kind regards to you as well and have a wonderful day!
The below answers are fine but I would also ask what month are you coming, and were and how long are you staying in Prague. If you are a rural American, you may prefer to rent a car, but not if you have to find public parking in the middle of Prague 1. That would afford you more flexibility between cities and you may enjoy your stay more. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss these variables, or if you desire a guide once you arrive. I have a US telephone number that rings here in Prague, 215 703 3450, or you can email email or call my CZ mobile +420 777 981 292 No issues with the currency, just take money out of an ATM so you dont get exchange fees or commisions and remember to tell your bank ahead of time so they dont send up red flags and lock your account. My US banker will waive the $3.50 Intl ATM fee as a courtesy.
Hi Yancy! Thanks for all this valuable information. :) Although, a trip to the Czech Republic is quite a ways away, I will keep you in mind if I need some help. :) I would like to come during the Spring. If I remember correctly, that's the best time to come. Also, if it's possible, I would like to stay a week, at the most.

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