I'm an architect from Germany coming 17.1.2010 noon - 19.1.2010 to Bucharest and may face a boring Sunday afternoon/evening in a cold... So what's up in B tomorrow, any events? I now the city already a little bit and I like Glasshouse and some bars and restaurants. I will stay downtown. I'm interested in Design, Music, Wine&Dine.


City: Bucharest

Municipality: Bucuresti

Country: Romania


Guten Tag,
ich antworte auf Deutsch, weil mir das einfacher ist als Englisch.

Waren Sie bereits im Kunstmuseum aus Bukarest? Sie können dort eine einheimische Sammlung sehen welche Werke der alten Kunst, Sammlugen der mittelalterlichen Kunst (mit Künstler aus den großen europäischen Schulen) und eine große Sammlung von Skulpturen sehen. Zu diesen kann man noch einige Sammlungen die sich der Grafik, der orientalischen Kunst und der dekorativen Kunst widmen, zählen.
Adresse: Adresa: Calea Victoriei nr.49-53

Sie können auch ins Dorfmuseum gehen, wenn Sie genug Zeit und Lust haben. Wenn das Wetter schön ist und die Temperaturen nicht zu niedrig, dann lohnt es sich allemal einen Spaziergang in diesem Freilichtmuseum zu machen und sich rumänische Baukunst anzuschauen (von einfachen Bauernhäusern, über allerhand Mühlen bis hin zu einer großen Holzkirche).
Adresse: Adresa: Soseaua Kiseleff nr. 28-30

Ich bin leider nicht aus Bukarest und kann Ihnen deswegen vorläufig nur diese beiden Tipps geben. Falls Sie doch was anderes machen möchten und Ihnen sonst niemand antwortet, dann können Sie mir auch hier antworten und ich kann für Sie was anderes im Internet ausfindig machen. Einen schönen Aufenthalt wünsche ich Ihnen.
Danke, Paul!

Diese beiden Museen kenne ich schon! Gibt es was für moderne Kunst/Design/Architektur?



in the downtown area near Hilton hotel there is a restaurant called La Mama based on romanian cuisine, and a couple of cafes that serve wine as well (Galeron Caffe & Turabo Caffe). 5 - 7 minutes walking distance from that area near the Arhitecture University there is a club called Control with indie alternative/brit pop music. you can also check this link for other events
Thank you for your recommendations !

Hi, Manfred !

You are just in time to see the exhibition "Ion Mincu. Drawings and architectural projects" at the National Art Museum of Romania (). If you want I can announce a friend of mine from the museum about your visit and arrange for a guided tour.

It also could be interesting to pay a visit to the Contemporary Art Museum of Romania () if not for the open exhibitions, just for the architecture of the Parliament Palace that is hosting it.

If you like opera they will play Anna Karenina at the National Opera House where if you are lucky I can arrange a private meeting with the General Manager, backstage access or a private tour of the building.

As regards the restaurants my reccomendations include:
International food: Uptown and Silviu's (last one has Italian influences and hosts a painting exhibition)
Terasa Doamnei - usually with show,
Casa Doina (on Kiseleff Road) - the favorite restaurant of former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu
Caru' cu bere - with an amazing German architecture, and souvenirs
Italian fish - Aquarium

In case I can be of further assistance kindly let me know via e-mail or cell phone 00 40 724 57 87 57.

Kind regards,

Hi Cristina,

Many thxs for your very interesting recommendations. To see the Ion Mincu exhib. would be really great, can you arrange it? I think I can be at the Museum earliest at 2 p.m.
I stay at HoJo Plaza and my Mobile is +49 171 31 24 276. I'll check my emails again this evening.

Kind regards

Hello Manfred, You could start you day visiting The Village Museum, the simple and effective Romanian old architecture may give you some good ideas if you are an architect. To have lunch, I recommend near to the Museum Taverna Sarbului Restaurant, the food is fantastic there, even if you are a vegetarian.Here is they link:

After lunch you could see The Zambaccian Museum :
For a pleasant dinner, you must go to Caru` cu Bere, there you will find a great design, music and wine & dine.
Have fun and wish you a nice stay in Bucharest, Istvan.
Here is the link from Caru` cu bere:
Thank you, Zambaccian is new for me and I will see!
I reccomend dinner at Caru cu bere, a gastronomic experiment you will not easily forget!
Also, for an exquisite lunch you should try The Hunchback, a place fit for students and lords alike. and here is the place where you should try the local "mititei", famous all over the town and not only!
The most appropriate is to give you tips for spending a leisure time, an inhabitant of the capital Bucharest.

Cel mai indicat este sa iti dea sfaturi de petrecere a timpului liber, un locuitor al capitalei Bucuresti.
Hey Manfred,

I saw your question too late...i was out of is late for a proposal or for some interesting things to tell you. I coul offer you a city tour but next time.. do not hesitate to contact me .
Have a nice day in Romania
You've got some good indications. I've also seen your question late but I'm glad you've found some good help (I hope).
Thank you for visiting Romania and I hope you'll come back again. I also hope I can help you next time you come here.
Take care.
Hi Manfred, I am from Brasov, a very nice city and with german roots, and if you are interested in Snowboarding or other activities that i offer, please contact me.


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