I was wondering about the lodging accomodations you have to offer. I was inquiring about one night, need somewhere very close to MBJ airport for January 23 for a very relaxing and restful sleep for me and my husband. Our flight leaves at 8:00 am on sunday morning. I want a nice set-up


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


You can check out EL Greco Resort or Toby's Resort. There is also Hotel Montego just above the airport, somewhere to rest for the night.
If you just need a bed and cheap accomodation close to airport the closest is montego bay hotel right opposite the airport enterance. If you want to be a bit closer to the action but minutes away check toby inn resorts or chatam cottages.
Try Hotel Montego in front of the Sangster international, Mo Bay. 2 Minutes drive.
Claude Espeut
Hotel Montego in front of the airport.
Hotel Montego in front of the airport.
Hotel Montego in front of the airport.
For very close proximity to the airport i would advise Hotel Montego which opposite to the road leading to the airport. This would get you to the airport without the hassles of traffic jams (common at that time of the morning).
Altamont West is quite nice and friendly Internet, Flat Screen TVs, first class dining only 3 to 5 minutes from the airport
Thanks for your message, I am in Negril so not really close enough for your early flight. May be next time you should check me out on

Good luck

hotel montego its right across sangester international airport and its hassel free
For somewhere very close to MBJ for relaxation for one night I'd recommend to you the Sunset Beach Hotel, very nice surrounding, beach and the sunset view there is fantastic very soothing for your relaxtion sleep you and your husband would enjoy the night and it's very close to the airport for your 8am flight.
Hello ,If it is a Relaxing day before having to deal with a day of flights Ancorage villas is the place .We are overlooking mobay so you can relax and swim in the pool and be all alone .very comfy and the airport is right down hill . The ride to the airport is about 15 min maybe 20 . and there r a lot of places on the hip strip 5 min from the airport but if u know mobay u know it is not a place to rest ..but respond if we can help u in any way and my phone # here in jamaica is 398-3123.. Thanks and i hope u have a safe trip home.
I would recommend Toby's Resort ,right near the airport and the Hip Strip is right around the corner.Enjoy your stay
If you want something nice, try Altamont West - near enough to the airport and a nice place.

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