Where can I rent a phone in Montego Bay or Negril that is open on sunday?


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


It will be very hard for you to find a phone rental business place opened to rent a phone on a Sunday, but most transportation company rent phones for US$5 per day, you may be required to leave a refundable deposit. My company rent phones to our clients.
It may work out better to buy a phone from one of the three providers we have here and the rates work out better
Not sure if youll get a rental but when u get into ground transport at the airport theres a matrix frame over the exit advertising roampal. you can use your phone at local rates as you actually get a local number through the company.
Just you to the Digicel Store in the airport and purchase a phone, it is fair cheap about $25 for a phone with 20 mins for intl. calls. Or it you have a unlock phone just buy a SIM card from from them.
It is cheaper to buy a cheap phone some times as little as US$12 with the same amount of talk time or if your phone is unlocked buy a sim card for about US$6
Doubtful in Negril, try asking on . Phone re cheap here to buy just for vacation use. try foundation imports
it is hard to get a phone to rent on a sunday because all the phoneproviders are closed, it would cost you less if you buy a phone from one of the phones companies that we have here in jamaica.
If you need a phone to rent for sunday or any day of the week just contact me here ok I do rent cell phones.
It is a much better idea to buy an inexpensive phone ,it cost between 25-30 dollars and Digicel stores are everywhere
It is actually cheaper to buy a phone here and use it, than to rent one from a transport/car rental company. Digicel has a store in the airport where you can do this.

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