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City: Alexandria

State: Virginia

Country: United States


These websites actually have some really great bars and restaurants listed. I'd agree with any of the reviews from these sites.
My personal favorite is the Chart House because it's right on the water - you can sit at the bar or out on the deck. Another favorite is Murphy's Irish Pub - decent food, decent prices, what you would expect at an Irish Pub.

Alexandria is full of bars - it's quite easy to do a pub crawl and check out a few.

Here's another Web site-
The best bar and drinks in Alexandria are at PX, hands down. You'll need to call ahead, though.
Yes, check out those Web sites, always a good idea to get a wide variety of choices.
Any Irish pub around this area is a sure bet. One of my favorites is actually near the Pentagon, in a cute shopping/dining area called "Pentagon Row." The pub, which serves very good food too, is called Sine.
This and the places in Alexandria are near the Metro, so if you drink a bit much, you can still get back to where you're staying safely.
Wherever you end up, enjoy!
Rustico -
Great Bear Selection

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