Hi. I wanna go for a 2 weeks backpack trip to Romania in September. What is ' must see'? What should i know before i go...

...there? Any good tips about how to travel, where to sleep? How usefull is english or polish there? Thank for any answers, Ania


Country: Romania


u can see a lot here, depends what u are intrested in.
in september u can come visit transylvania, very beautiful in automn.
u can sleep in hostels for as cheap as 5 euros/night in brasov for example wich is a very good starting point for ur trips.
english is more then ok u will manage for sure everywhere.
travelling i dont know trains and busses are common and cheap.
anymore questions ask in detail and ill try to answer
I think that 5€ / night is not a realistic number. If you make your calculations for the trip, you should count with about 15€ / night. It is true, that you may find cheaper locations (but that is not always sure!). And to be safe, try to overdo, to exaggerate your budget for the hole trip.

The cost for trains are about the following:
Bucuresti - Brasov: 40 RON (166 km)
Brasov - Sibiu: 48 RON (223 km - because the direct line is broken, the train goes over Sighisoara)
Sibiu - Sighisoara: 28 RON (95 km)

To make the calculations easy: 40 RON are 10€

I gave you the price for a reasonably price/ride comfort, train. It is called Rapid. You can find more Info on (here you can also find departure hours of the trains, and prices; Prices in Romanian = PRET). The better trains (but NOT faster) are the IC (Intercity) and the trains that are a little bader than Rapid, are called AC (Accelerat - this are still ok!). Try to not use the P (Personal). If you have to, than only for short distances (max. 70km). This train is realy slow (but, that's true, realy cheap! :-) )
First of all maybe you shouldn't come alone especially if you are backpack traveling.
Places to visit are plenty and beautiful. You can visit cities or mountains or archeological ruins. Monasteries and villages in the mountains would be great to visit - I'm sure you'd like those to see. But to be honest with you, I think a car would be better for this type of visit.
Good luck and hope you'll enjoy it.
Contact me and I can accompany you on this journey, anywhere in Romania. petrica.iordache @

Contacteaza-ma si te pot insoti in aceasta calatorie, oriunde in Romania.
Haha, well.. ye... dream on ;)
For a backpack trip there is a lot to see.
'Must see' Citys are: Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, if you have time: Iasi
'Must see' places: The monastery's in Bucovina, the Danube Delta, Some village fortresses in Transilvania, Bran Castle, Peles palace

If you like a day trip on the mountains, than I recomend you the Bucegi Mountains (acces with Cable Car in Busteni) or the Fagaras Mountains (acces by car at Balea).

Travel: Short distances (max 10km) - Taxi (1km Taxi is about 0,50 €), more with the train (easiest way. There are also minibuses, but they are driving crazy and they are not always that easy to find).

If you need more specific info, just ask. :-)
Thx you for your answer.
I would start with the North East of Romania - Suceava county to visit the quite famous monasteries and the Polish communities (see info on ) Outside this region Polish is not usefull but English will get you any where. From Suceava county you could cross the Carpathians to Maramures and here is quite much to do: the steam train in Viseul de Sus , a must see is Sighet (the Memorial of Victims of Communism - and the village museum) UNESCO wooden churches; After Maramures go down to southern Transylvania and i recommend the fortified churches ( - here you find complete info on cheap accommodation as well; in Apold/Trappold lives a great Polish woman married to a German craftsman). Cities to visit: Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov. More to the West is Timisoara to see and in Banat there is also a Polish village but unfortunatelly i do not remember the name. Have a nice trip! Teodora
Thank you for your answer.
hi. in 2 weeks sure you can't see all Romania. concentrate and choose a region or 2. if you are in Iasi, contact me if you want to stay free a few nights. bye
cześć Anna,
well... you've heard some of the must-see places so just google their names and see which ones appeal to you most. travelling is something really personal so if you'll take a look at some photos from Romania, I'm sure you'll fell in love with some places that you can relate to :)
there are few people speaking Polish in our country (only passionate learners, let's say) but with English, you'll make it anywhere as Romanian people, especially teens can speak this language.
the currency rate is almost similar to the one in Poland. 1 zl is almost 1 RON.

probably the best way to travel in Romania is by train. it's easy to check the routes here:

Statia de plecare = Departure point/station
Statia de destinatie = Arrival point/station
Data plecarii = Date of departure

if you need any type of information, let us know.
Thx a lot for the anwer.
there are meany place to visit...but the best is when u meet ur gide face to face and u can talk about it....u can come couchsurfing in cluj-napoca...
Hey Anna,

it's winter time so the sky season it's open if you are into such sport. there are a few resorts north of Bucharest (Sinaia, Predeal, Azuga, Poiana Brasov). Also if you are more into visiting while there in Sinaia you can visit Peles castle, or in Brasov you can take a ride to Bran's Castle the old dracula story. you also can chose to visit Sibiu town and the medieval town of Sighisoara, ancient city with a lot of history and buildings over hundreds of years old. there are trains from Bucharest railstation (Gara de Nord) every day. In the summer I would recommend the sea side and most of all the Danube Delta which means almost a day to travel by boat to secluded areas like Sf Gheorghe city (you can only get there by ferry) but you will enjoy the ride, and the sea shores not full with tourists. English is common so it will be helpful:) Enjoy your trip!
Hello Ania,

Must see in Romania in my opinion have to be especially places in Transilvania like Sibiu and Sighisoara-the medieval castle.You can also check Bran Castle or Dracula Castle and Ples and Pelisor Castle in Sinaia.
For the North East of Romania ,if u want to see a unique place The Merry Cemetery Sapanta.
For a place of unique beauty u can also try the Danube Delta that will offer you unique sightseeing in the wild.
The capital Bucharest it s also an intereseting mix between old and new ,which defenetely worths the time.
For places to stay i would recommend hostels in my opinion especially in Bucharest,Sighisoara,Brasov .
For travelling tips-stick to the train my opinion.
Hope u enjoy our country.
Thank you for your answer.
If you are coming down from Poland by train you will probably come via Ukraine and can cross the boarder either to the East of the country near Succeava or further to the west Near Sighet where you pass streight into Sighet. Trains from Lviv will serve both these points, we get a lot of Polish people coming this way into Maramures. Its a beautiful relaxed place to visit and the hostel there has a good reputation. From here you can easily travel south to Brasov or Cluj or maybe east towards the painted monasteries.Hope that helps.
Tour 4 – Essential Bucharest
-two visits included: the Village Museum and the
Parliament Palace
Discover the essence of this great metropolis that is today Bucharest. Take a first journey and see the Bucharest Highlights. Our guides will then guide you in the two visits (the Village Museum and the Parliament Palace) that can unravel what Bucharest really is: a mixture of tradition and great architecture, a “mélange” of styles and conceptions.
This is essential Bucharest.
1 person From 2 persons
75 euro 45 euro/pers.
Duration: 4 hours; departure place: your hotel
Services included: transport, guiding,
entrance fees
Mogosoaia and Snagov Tour
-Two visits included: Mogosoaia Palace and Snagov Monastery
Mogosoaia Palace is situated near Bucharest (10 km) in a splendid park on the shore of Mogosoaia Lake. Mogoasoaia Palace was built in 1698 -1702 by Constantin Bracoveanu - a famous Romanian Voivode. The Palace is an architectural monument, having the façade dominated by traditional staircase balconies, and by the arcades and columns with capitals, specific to the "Brancovenesc" (Brancovan) style. Mogosoaia Palace has also some Byzantine decorative features and adornments which join stylistic elements characteristic both of the Italian Renaissance and the Baroque.
Snagov Monastery, a rustic cloister from 1364, on a small isolated island in the middle of Snagov Lake, is the reputed burial place of Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracula, who, it is claimed, lies beneath the floor of the church.
Duration: 4 hours; Departure place: your hotel; Departure time : 8.30
Services included: transportation, guiding, entrance fees
- Carpathians Treasures
- Three visits included Peles & Bran Castle and Sinaia Monastery

Route: Bucharest – Ploiesti – Sinaia (visit Monastery Sinaia and Peles Castle)
–Predeal – Bran (visit Bran Castle) – Brasov (tour of the city)-Bucharest

Sinaia,"The Pearl of the Carpathians", is a town-resort endow with all the necessary facilities for a very pleasant pastime. There excels the impressive Sinaia Monastery, founded in 1695 by Spatharus Mihail Cantacuzino containing religious objects, icons, rare books, pottery and porcelain ware exhibition from 16th-19th century
.Considered by many one of the most beautiful castles in all Europe, Peles Castle is a masterpiece of German new-Renaissance architecture
.This fortified medieval castle, Bran Castle is an important national monument and landmark of the Romanian tourism, due not only to the beauty of the Castle and the landscape but also to the legend of Count Dracula.
The city of Brasov is located in the heart of Romania, in the region of Transylvania, which has been a hub of tourist-related activities for a long time. The entire county of Brasov is dotted with a number of monuments that reflect the cultural as well as historical importance of the place. The city of Brasov boasts of a rich historic heritage. It was founded in AD 1211 by the order of the Teutonic knights. It was an important centre of resistance against foreign invaders during the turbulent medieval period.
On the footsteps of Dracula
-Two visits included: Curtea de Arges Monastery and Poienari Castle

Route: Bucharest-Targoviste (visit the old Court of Targoviste) - Curtea de Arges- Monastery Curtea de Arges the royal tomb) – Poienari (visit the castle’s ruins of Vlad the impeller) –back in Bucharest
Located at the end of a boulevard with hundred of years old linden trees, Curtea de Arges Monastery is the most important pilgrimage and prayer place in the county of Arges, with the “Assumption of the Virgin” as its dedication day. Founded in the time of voivode Neagoe Basarab, between 1512 and 1517, the monastery is a part of the most famous Romanian legend, “The legend of master Manole”.
Poienari Castle became one of the main citadels of Basarab rulers in the 14th century. The castle was abandoned and was in ruins at the end of the century. The castle was rebuilt and strengthened by Vlad III Dracula in the 15th century. The castle was again abandoned and left in ruins in the 16th century. Its walls and towers are still standing. Poienari Castle is a popular tourist destination now; many visitors climb its 1426 steps to visit the castle.
Duration: 12 hours; Departure time : 8.30

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