What was your best experience with a Turkish friend during your tour?


Country: Turkey


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İn Istanbul you can find many historical places to go (Topkapı palave, blue mosque, st. sophie, take a Bosphorous tour and enjoy rest of Turkey you can see 2500 ancient citied and in south yo can still swim on the coastand ski in the mountains at the same time&lace like Antalya. you will find people very friendly and mild climate and good nature.
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Hi Chris
Turks are famous for their hospitalities.And if you find a turkish friend during your tour,trust me you will too enjoy .turks like conversation so much.and while you are in your tour,you won't be bored best experience was that I was going to Cappadocia from Ankara and an middle age man sat my near.Actually ı didn't like to talk to foreign people who ı don't know at the first time but when ı understood he is a good man,we started to talk.about 4,5 hour until we came cappadocia,we talked so much and last year he found me a job in cappadocia.knowing a person's character's specialies's best way is travelling with her or him
Hi Chris, I'm Turk, and there is a lot to see in Turkey. One of the places I highly recommend to you is visiting of the ancient city Ephesus (not far away from Kusadasi and Izmir). The city is well preserved ans is the attraction for many visitors from all over the world. You can visit there the Artemis Temple, one of the seven wonders of the world. If you need more information, you can always contact me.
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Hamza Eyigor
hı chrıs,
ı ensure you that turkısh peaple lıke foreıgn people they are friendly and hospıtable ı am sure you meet a lot of friend in turkey good luck
Dear Chris,
My best experience with a Turkish friend was with my best friend in the mountains.
In the january of 1979 winter climbing ascend of Mount Erciyes, altitude-3916 mt.,
we were at the path to the northern glacier. We had reached , in a snowy wheather,
to the mountain hut,built from the stone.It was a hard walk up to there and the window openings were not closed.My friend had been ill there because of the whether condition.Up to the morning I had prepared hot drinks, soup and medicine
and looked after him.In the morning he had gained his health and we began climbing. Because I had no sleep through the night I had an headache and my nose began to blood for the first and up to now for the last time in the mountains.
There he had helped me and cut the blood flow ,my headache lost and we had reached to the summit of mt.Erciyes .When turning back from the mouintain we
had used another route at the other side that we call as Devils River Valley...
Turkish people are the most hospiatble people I have ever met (more than Moroccans that they famous with their hospitality)
Turks helped me too much about Accommondation & everything... sometimes some people they don't speak english but they do their best to help you somehow
my best experiences: Turkish guy hosted me for 5 days & made home party in my last night in his flat
Turkish Girl hosted me in Darica, Kocaeli for 4 days, showed me the city & invited me to her school where she's teaching english & spent one great day with students & teachers
another girls & boys hosted me in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara

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