i want to visit a town my father was born in 1899. it is called Volpa. i will be in Warsaw in May. does anyone have suggestions how I...

...find an interpreter and driver from Warsaw.


Country: Belarus


I think, if you can't find driver in Warsaw, you can go from Warsaw to Brest by train and find somebody in Brest, who is speaking English. I can't help you as an interpreter, because it's long distance from my city. Why don't you want to fly to Minsk by plane and find somebody there?
Hope it helps. Let me know close to departure date. May be I can find you some body in Belarus with car.
Indeed as Yuri wrote, it would be much easier to travel by train to Hrodna (I guess with a connection in Bialystok) or Minsk. I could also suggest to you to travel from Vilnius which boders Hrodna voblasc.

Volpa (or Voupa in Belarusian) village in in Vaukavysk rajon, Hrodna voblasc/region (on the map: ). This is what you can see there nowadays: .

Should you have any other questions, please, do not hesitate to contac me.

Good luck!

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