What place in Vilnius is the best to taste real Lithuanian 'living' beer that hasn't been pasteurised and filtered and was produced in...

...small local breweries?


Country: Lithuania


I personally think that the best such place is
They serve several kinds of the real Lithuanian living beer and a big variety of imported beers as well.
Restaurant Bravaria in Akropolis
I know 3 places, which are the best for beer lovers in Vilnius - it's Alaus Namai (), Šnekutis () and Bravaria (). Enjoy it!%)
i recommend Šnekutis (if you need address ask) because 'living' beer you can also get in Bravaria or Alaus namai though the specific 'living' atmosphere you can get only there :)
I would like to offer you bar "Snekutis". There you can taste real lithuanian beer. It's a best place,which you can choose ;)
The place I like most is Busi Trecias :)) there are the best beer cocktails, as well as light and dark beer, the owner makes himself :))
There are quite a lot of places in Vilnius where you could get not pasteurised beer but I prefer 'Būsi trečias'. It is located in old town, not far away from the Cathedral.
Can recommend "Bravaria" in Akropolis. They do 4 sortd of live beer. In Kaunas we have "Avelys" and "Bernialiai"
I sugest to you to visit Bravaria in Akropolis or Belmontas it's near Vilnius.
As mentioned above, there are several places. To describe all of them:
- "Alaus namai" has biggest variety of beer, but I am not a common visitor so thats all I can say.
- "Bravaria" has 4 own beers, quite away from center in a shopping mall. However their beer is really good and most of personnel is very warm and welcoming.
- "Snekutis" has two bars. I prefer one in Uzupis district. Both have best beer from northern Lithuania (beer land in LT). Their "Tarnausko" beer is my favourite. Atmosphere may be too informal sometimes :) so be prepared.
- I also recommend "Stikliu alude" in oldtown. Is an Inn of one of the best Vilnius restaurant so don't mix them. Beer place is downstairs. However if you look too informal, they may say that place is full, sorry :) But they have one of the best, "Birzieciu" beer there. After one you want another, and after two you understand you've had one too many. But it is very tasty (for me).
- "Busi trecias" has two quite good beers and many beer cocktails. They are situated in oldtown, near several other bars. Nice place, nice beer.
- "Bruce Lee" bar at Islandijos str. has very good dark beer "varniuku".
I offer to have a pubcrawling :)
Well, I would say Snekutis, because their beer is from Birzai district, which means made in small brewery. I know, because the owner told me that
I would strongly recommend to visit Alaus namai, Būsi trečias and Šnekutis, you should like it ;}
well you've got pretty full picture from Tadas.. and many repetitive ones...
If you want something special though, i would suggest you try - live beer in strange forms and combinations /honey/ginseng/beer soups etc../
Located in Gedimino pr. near Cathedral.
I would definetely recommend u the bar 'busi trecias',where u can taste different kinds of beer and its cocktails;)) cheers;)

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