Volcano Tours on Big Island/Kona

There are so many volcano tour companies on the Big Island. Can you give a recommendation as to what type of tour would be best? Night, Helicopter, Eco Tour? Also, what company should we use. We will be on the island from 1/31 to 2/7. Thank you for your time.


City: Waikoloa Village

State: Hawaii

Country: United States


I think the helicopter tour is one of the best. It is expensive, but you get to fly over te volcano and see other beautiful areas of the island as well. Just understand that you will not be seeing huge explosions of lava etc. It is erupting and lava is flowing, but it is very tame.

I just did a tour with Blue Hawaii. The helicopters are very nice. Just beware of advertising in the tour books. We booked with Expedia through the Hawaii Weekly. It advertised a free DVD with the tour. There was no fine print, but we were told that it is not the DVD of the actual tour we did - just a generic DVD and only if you fly out of Hilo. I did fine a complaint with the better business bureau.

That was more of an issue with Expedia vs. Blue Hawaii. I would check the advertised rates and then call Blue Hawaii directly to see if they will match the advertised prices. Given the current state of the tourism industry, they probably will.

Good Luck!

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