is there a place to store luggage at Schiphol airport?


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


Yes there is, in the basement, under departe hall 2. you can enter from Schiphol Plaza, take the stairs downstairs and you'll find some lockers. Good luck
Yes, you can store your luggage there: this is what I copied from their site:

Luggage lockers
You can store your luggage in a luggage locker for up to 168 hours (7 days).

Charges for luggage lockers depend on the duration of use and the size of your luggage:

•EUR 5.00 per 24 hours, small (S) Size: 43x34x80
•EUR 6.00 per 24 hours, medium (M) Size: 58x34x80
•EUR 8.00 per 24 hours, large (L) Size: 90x51x80
•EUR 10.00 per 24 hours, extra large (XL) Size: 120x50x80
Departure Hall 2 by the basement,from wherever you enter at Schiphol terminal. Both by stairways or lift and the sizes and duration are further shown by the lockers. ;)
Hi There is. Eva has given the exact location
yes there is. here is a website with details on location, price and opening times:
For anyone checking old questions, here's the link for the latest prices:

Amsterdam Central station storage is slightly better value.

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