Barcelona to airport


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain


Not sure what the question is exactly....??? I'll take a guess and give you some info.. Distance is approx 25 minutes on the A1 Aeroport bus which collects you outside El Corte Ingles at Plaza Catalunya and various other pick up points along the way..During rush hour allow 35 minutes travel..the fare is about 3,05 euros..try and have the right change as the drivers don't like receiving notes bigger than 5 euros. Alternatively a taxi costs between 22 and 26 euros, depending on pick up point and amount of luggage.
The Aerobus (Airport bus) is the simplest option. €4.25 one way and, as mentioned, the starting point is Placa Catalunya. The bus stops at Placa Espanya on the way before heading out of town to the airport. There are now 2 terminals, T1 & T2, check which terminal you fly from as there are two buses. T1 is the new one and does mostly long haul as well as all Vueling flights T2 is the original one and does the rest.
Travel time is approx 30 mins depending on the time of day (8-9am & 6-7pm are busiest). There are free shuttles between the 2 terminals should you go to the wrong one but there is info regarding which airlines use which terminal at the Placa Catalunya pick up points.
Taxi is easy but expensive and you will pay a €1 per bag in the trunk and an airport surcharge of €6 (I think) on top of your fare so about 25€+ from the centre with one bag.
Line 9 of the metro will be opening soon and this goes to the airport directly but the line does go through the centre of the city so will be a little more tricky if you are coming from or two the centre. There is also a train which goes from T2 to Sants Station, leaves every 1/2 hour or so from the airport and is approx €3.30 one way. You can get the metro from Sants. I haven't done the train method for a few years so the info could be a bit off!
Cheers and enjoy BCN
Not much can be added, but here are a few more hints:

How to get to INFO: website

By the way, the Renfe Train takes you also to Passeig de Gràcia, which is far more centric than Sants.
Plus if you are planning to use bus or subway during your stay, I advise you buy a 10 trip card that you can use in the Renfe train from the airport to Barcelona and back, as well as in the Barcelona subway and bus system. It's the cheapest option.

And if you are interested in something more confortable and personal, I offer private airport pick-up and transfers from 100 euro/ride. A driver will pick you up at the terminal and drop you at your hotel in Barcelona City. Luxury minivan for upto 7 passengers + driver and plenty of room for luggage.

This option is often a better choice than 2 taxis to the hotel, as taxis charge a plus per piece of luggage and another plus for airport departure/arrival.

And if you also need private city tours, feel free to contact me aswell!
Have a great new year!

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