There is a posibility to make in the same day the Sacred Valley tour + Moray and Maras.? Thank you Eugen


City: Cuzco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


yes of course! even possible to do it by mountainbike if you feel like to!
Contact me by mail and i'll give you all the informations!
Have a nice trip!
Sure, most people do. You can start at one end of the Valleyu (Pisac is only 35 min away from Cusco) and visit Urubamba and Ollantaytambo and return through Maras Moray and Chinchero. A packed day, but feasable. Good luck
Hola, yes you can, I know a guy that make that tour a full day in the sacred valley and including Maras Moray, and Chincheros if you want for more information contact me at i would give you all the information for free, The price is very good because this is not a tour company this is a well know driver in Cusco, he don’t speak English but he would take you to the best spots in Cusco. I good to have a good timing in the morning Pisac is full of people and in the afternoon Ollantaytambo as well. So is a good idea to take the tour backwards.
YEs, there are a lot of agencies that make that tour.
It's possible, but if you have time I'd suggest that you spend a whole day in Ollantaytambo and Pisac and visit Maras & Moray on another day.

Take a look at my recent article on visiting the Sacred Valley here:

Buen Viaje!
Yes you can.
Pisaq,Maras,Moray,Urubamba,Ollantaytambo and some other towns if you organize well.

the answer is YES.
You can travel to pisac, calca, urubamba, ollantaytambo maras moras in one day, but you must to look so quick and walk so fast , is posible to see all those places in one day, but if you want to see and to know a little more about those places with out stressfull is better to take two days, and you can sleep in ollantaytambo for a night, i guess is better, and you can do with some travel company or by yourself. if you do by yourself you will spend less money maybe 200 hundrend soles...
ok, good luck and if you want it i can send you the taxi price because you will need a taxi if you want to do all those places in one day.,,...

good luck
The tour to sacred valley takes one hole day. To visit Maras and Moray you have to spend another day but could visit the circuit Maras, Moray, Salineras. and Pichitongo leaving Cuzco for the route Chinchero-Urubamba, 50 kms far.
Visit , even though it's in spanish, then you can translate it to know everything about this interesting new touristic circuit in Cuzco.
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Yes you can, most people do it
Good luck
Thats right!! u can do both in One Day!, im not sure about the situation in this places now after this days with a lot of rainning but I'm sure u'll find out if u book with a tour company

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