I'm going on my honeymoon in sept and were looking for a 4-6 day cruise out of Venice on a smaller ship that goes to ports the big...

...ships (Carnival) don't go to. any help is appreciated.


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


Hi try a local provider of cruises:

Dear traveler,

Congratulations for your wedding!
Any specific reason you want to cruise around venice? Consider that the area around venice and reachable by sea is mainly an industrial area. I would suggest instead to spend your very romantic honeymoon by visiting the not too far Trieste, one of my fave places in Italy with a mittleurope feeling and amazing landscapes, the nearby verona with its roman history, and/or visit the renaissance ferrara blessed by renaissance history and delicious food.
Hope this helps and wish you and your beloved one all the best!
Ciao from Rome
Nancy Aiello

thanks for the info... I'll chekout your site. I didn't really mean aroun Venice. meant departing from Venice - possibly to Croatia etc. on a smaller luxury yacht/boat which could go to ports that the bigger ships dont

if you'll come in Umbria...
don't hesitate to write me......

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