I am needing to get from the Quito airport to Otavalo late at night. There will be 4 in my party. Is this possible?


City: Quito

Province: Pichincha

Country: Ecuador


Well, I don't think so, maybe you should wait to go to Otavalo the next day 'cause the road at night is quite dark... and quite risky.
from quito to otavalo is 2 hours, and the ride for four people is 100 dollars, if you are interested let me know... at your service
No that's not possible, you should stay at quito and take the bus in the morning. I'am not really sure but I think the last bus leaves at 23H00.
Hello, Arie¨s Bike Company has a Nissan Patrol available, witch can provide the service of taking you to Otavalo. Price $ 120,-
it is possible and you can do it, it will be kind of risky but i think you can make it, it's 3 hours away from Quito bus terminal to downtown Otavalo, ticket's are about 6 dolars, got any more questions?
I can take your posse to Otavalo for USD 90 during the day and go ahead and include a free city tour. If you need to go in the night we can do it as well, but you need to pay for my accommodation too. I don't recommend traveling the roads at night, it's not well lit and renders the whole experience much more dangerous. I can arrange for accommodation in Quito so we leave first thing in the morning.

Where are you guys from? Will you be needing anything else? How many men and women are in your party? Ages?

Let me know if I can help.
i live two minutes from the airport,also have a chevy d max the time you leave the airport will be 11.30pm. you will be arriving to otavalo by 2.00am. i will charge you $120.00 for the trip,if you´re interested let me know i´m available that tuesday on february, best regards,raul.... ps. my phone # is home 224-8890 and cell 08779-4751 cell. that is in Quito
Hi, don´t worry about the risk worning of some of the answer, seems they are not quite aquainted with the northen part of Ecuador (surprising). The road is exellent, if you get a good car with a chofer, which seem to be to in the ads, you will have no problem. Of course it is better to travel during day time, the scenery is just breath taking, but if is time constrain, don´t worry, take one of the offers, if not a cab, (taxi), and your party will have no problem at all, reaching Otavalo, with no risk at all. I am from Quito, very close to Otavalo, therefor, the only thing left to say is, enjoy your trip, have fun in Ecuador. Finally, I did my undergrad, and grad studies, so if you need any help, don´t hesitate to write.

Best regards

Rate is $100 in a compact for the ride, 4 means you're included?, I wonder how loaded are you?. But it you're overloaded (more than 3 luggage) price rise to $150 because a Mini Van in recommended for comfortability.
Es recomendable viajar desde Quito a Otavalo durante el dìa ya que incluso podràn disfrutar el viaje viendo todo el paisaje. Ademàs siempre es mejor tomar precauciones y no viajar en la noche por seguridad.
En todo caso, lo que tendrìan que hacer es dirigirse desde el aeropuerto hasta el terminal terrestre en taxi y tomar un bus que salga desde el terminal a Otavalo. Los boletos estàn a unos $7 aproximadamente.
Otra opciòn es pasar la noche en Quito y tomar un tour a Otavalo la mañana siguiente. El precio es de unos $50. Salidas con la empresa Gray Line los martes y sabados. Fono: 022907577
Verdad que Gray Line es una buena opicion!
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All night long you have public buses leaving the bus terminal to the nothern part of Ecuador. Maybe not only to Otavalo but ask if they pas by and drop you at the coach terminal. Buses going to Tulcan, Carchi, Ibarra do all pas Otavalo.
The only little problem is that you will need a ride from the airport to the bus terminal wich is not very far away!!! If you don´t fit in 1 vehicule take 2 taxi´s wich will cost you about 3 max 4 dolars the ride per taxi.
Also at the airport they have 24/7 little vans going to Otavalo but i don´t know the price of these. They mainly are part of a company named Trans Rabbit and have a counter at Quito Mariscal Sucre Airport Counter: Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre
Telf.: +593 2 330 1496
Is totally possible. we can arrange an affordable price for you visit
and contact us for pricing and set schedules
Well if you want my dad has a mini van or a car where you can go to Otavalo.. please let me know if you want to go with my dad he can be the driver and the transfer doesnt cost a lot..let me know bye
hi, we could service for this trip, from quito to otavalo is two hours, and if you prefer, the transport service for one day for to pearson is 100usd, so if you are interested let me know
No problem, if your you decide to travel at night the road is good, but there will be more than two hours of trip.
hey! My name is Pablo Molina, I live 10 minutes away from the airport, and it's completely possible to get you guys to Otavalo, it's just 2 hours away.
I'm thinking about 80 dollars for the whole thing, my email is . Let me know if you guys are interested.
If you tell me the date of your flight i can provide this service for you, my name is Ruben Proaño, and i am a proffesional tour guide, i provide guiding and transportation, if you want i can provide the service, it will be 60 dollars, i will meet you at the airport and take you to otavalo at any time, please let me know.
my email address is

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