Hello, I'm going to travel around Amsterdam as a business trip to see how great Schiphol airport is(including duty free shops). My...

...quistion is 1.Can I find some duty free shops in the city? 2.Can you guys recommend some shopping mall where I have to visit? 3, Can you give me some website where I can find latest information of Amsterdam? I'm really looking forward to hear your answer. Thanks a lot!


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


Your question has been answered here:
You can find duty free shops pretty much everywhere in the city, as long as you are a tourist (from outside EU I think, so no problem for you there).
The Kalverstraat is the biggest shopping street in Amsterdam, with the Kalvertoren and Leidsestraat close by. Also the Nieuwedijk is fun to wander around in. Both Kalverstraat and Nieuwedijk originate from the Dam, which is really easy to find from Amsterdam Central Station.
I'm not quite sure what you mean if you say latest information, but is probably what you are looking for
Most shops in the netherlads are duty free for customers, they just need to ask for a form. There is a shop on the corner of leidsestraat and keizersgracht....i think it is mexx or something similar. Also Magna Plaza at the Dam might be of interest.
Hello Youhee,

Nice your visiting Amsterdam!
1). So far I know there are a couple of shops in the centre of Amsterdam that offer duty free shopping, but this will only be possible when you have an intercontinental flight, but I think when you buy something in such a shop you just pay the normal price, including VAT, and with the receipt you can go to the VAT-station at the airport and get your refund for you tax. But like I said this will only be possible when your having an intercontinental flight and not when your travelling to an other European country! When you do so, hand in your VAT receipt at the VAT-station of the airport of your last European country visit.
2). Well Amsterdam doesn't really have a big shopping mall like you'll find in other European or even American and Asian cities. But there are two, that are ok to visit. Does are Magna Plaza shoppingcenter which is behind Dam Square and Kalvertoren shoppingcenter, which is at the end of the shoppingstreet called Kalverstraat, about 15 minutes from the central station.
3). For the website just visit:

Hope these answers will help you out!
answer 1, no, only within the airport itself are duty free shops due to the fact that u are not on dutch ground....until u pass the douane..

answer 2, the innercity of amsterdam itself starting right across the central station is one big shopping mall. if u like a nice not so big but good shopping mall take the tram line 5 all the way to amstelveenshoppingcentre.

Welcome to our country and may your visit, business especially, be a fruitful one for all involved!!! :))

I won't know just how much you will appreciate flying in and through Schiphol (A'dam Int'l airport) but should you purchase anything within the transit terminals, U R allowed to further purchase duty-free only if you have a boarding pass to prove it for eligibility.
As for gaining good shopping discounts through duty-free prices, its hard to say 2B honest when shopping at many of the high street shops as mentioned earlier and with the appropriate forms to fill-in from tax exemption, you will only notice it once you are about to depart our country prior to checking in your luggage at the airport counter on day of departure.

These days, your access through Google can flip up more information than we can all provide with relevant answers to meet your curious needs. I suggest, Google your way and make printouts of the ideal finds, next to those that were already suggested/recommended by our expert Localytes...
I'm sure you will have a busy stay to fully patronize your shopping time cum business visit to Holland.... have fun and do have extra warm clothes if U R from a warm climate country...;)
Many of the shops on the main shopping street, the Kalverstraat, have the tax free logo for visitors outside of the EU. Also the Bijenkorf department store. The only real mall in Amsterdam if it's raining is the Magnaplaza , which is quite upmarket and the Kalvertoren. Latest events can be found at and things to do at

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