I'm going to Dubai on a visit visa. Is it a requirement for my stay that I book a hotel for the length of my stay?

Hello, I will travelto Dubai soon on a visit visa. My plan is that I will stay in Dubai for 25 days but since I have a friend who lives here, I will just book a hotel stay for 2-3 days and stay with him the rest of the time. Is that ok? If they will require me to stay for a longer time @ a hotel, how long will that be? How many days? Thank you.


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates



There is no requirement as such to stay in a hotel when u r on a visit visa ,you can very well stay with people you knw.its for a transit visa , you hve to show a hotel booking. otherwise its fine staying with family or freinds .

jsut check wht kind of visit visa do u have. If u have a transit visa then u need to stay in the hotel only, if u have a visa from any of the source of ur own then there is no need to stay or do any kind of booking in any of the hotels u can stay where ever u want to stay.
been here my whole life, never heard of a hotel booking requirement for Dubai. this is UAE, pay for a visa and ur welcome! :)
Hi,,, If you have already the visit visa on hand then you can stay to your friends house without a need to book a hotel reservationl. However, if you do not have a visit visa then my suggestion to you is to apply for a visit visa (which I can help you) but definitely not the transit visa which hotel's offer as it is good only for 14 days. If you have any problem just send me a message and definitely i can help you.
no you don't have to just one or two days
hello! you can stay with your friends, no problem.
yes u can . no worries about that.
no its not must as long you have people in dubai

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