where can I find reaonably priced souvenirs/momentos of good quality that are representative of the region.


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


In turist centrum on square of Edvard Benes, next to the town hall.
Reasonable price is very relatively, but you can find good souvenirs next to Petrin´s tower in souvenir shop and they are not expensive at all ;-)
I like an old open-air market between Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, called Havelské tržiště.
Here`s an overview to some good Czech souvenirs -

1. Black Candles in the Shape of Lenin's Head
The old Commie, not the Beatle. Back in the day they probably would have had your head for this sacrilege.

Museum of Communism Gift Shop

2. Neon Green Staroplzenecky Absinthe
This wormwood distillate that clocks-in at about 70% alcohol is one of the city's biggest bar pleasers. If it was good enough for Vincent van Gogh, it's good enough for you. But watch those ears.

Napoje z nebi and the duty-free shop at Prague's Ruzynĕ Airport

3. Cold War Wooden Chess Set
With hand-painted pieces in the form of battling superpowers: Russian presidents (from Putin to Stalin) vs. American presidents (from Clinton to Washington), this is a modern relic.

Celetná No. 26

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger "Terminator" Marionette
Puppetry and marionette-making is a centuries-old Czech tradition but, in Prague, it never goes out of style. Take this to California and write your own script.


5. Polished Garnets the Size of an Egg
The official Czech national gem are deep red stones mined about 40 miles (88 km) northwest of Prague. Set in a three-pronged silver bracelet, Wonder Woman would be proud to own a pair of these.

Celetná Crystal

6. Krtek Plush Toy
The homegrown cartoon character Krtek, or Little Mole, has outsold Disney here. His anatomically incorrect eyes poke out from book bags, puzzles and pillow cases everywhere.

7. Czech Ice Hockey Jerseys
Pick up the official colors of the Czech national ice hockey and football teams, as well as local insignia wear from Slavia Praha, Viktoria Žižkov and Bohemians Praha.

8. Oplatky Spa Wafers
Imagine a giant round Kit Kat bar minus the chocolate and you'll have a good idea of what this original Czech wafer treat is all about. Warm them in the oven or munch straight from the box.

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