Hi, we are a German couple coming to Cairo from 2.1. - 4.1. We are looking for design, arts and architecture and like to experience...

...the life of the locals in trendy places, clubs, bars and restaurants. She is medicine student and likes to learn about university life. We are looking for a guide to assist as, a female guide would be appreciated by her. We don't like guides who brings us only to their partner shops. We are not out for buing this souvenir stuff. The only standards sightseeing we like to do is half a day for the Egyptian Museum. Who likes to be our guide?


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


Hi , i am Marian an english tour guide in Egypt , you can contact me at .
May I introduce myself first I am Dina a travel consultant and I can help you in arranging all what you are looking for to do in Egypt, just contact me at to arrange everything with you.
ich bin mina , student , leider (mann) :)
und ich kann sie helfen , und meine deutshe verbessern
wenn diese angebot ist gerne , rufe mich an : 0020182622569
hello .. i'm rawy and i live in cairo . well . i'm an artist , painter and illustrator and i juat came back from east europ few month ago . i can take u to the fine art area while u can see old architecture of houses and some art exhibition and to the cairo opera house and to the historical places and cafes in downtown .
well just i can show u all about art and culture in cairo .
u have to know that i'm nt a guid but just someone lives in cairo and knwabout what u want to see . causewhen i sepdn 5 month in europ i was living as a local person so somwhow i knowwhat u want to do and to see ..
goodluck and have a nice trip

welcome to egypt first of all
my name is ahmed
and i live here in cairo
i am not a tour guide
but i can help as much as i can
so i wanna know what is your interest
and what u r looking forward to do
so i can tell you where to go and what to do also
egypt have a lot of things to do in it
wanna go to a bar,, i suggest Mokhito,, in nile hotel , it is a sky lounge
nice place
and there is johnney's,, on the nile in down town,, in ELPASHA ship,, i perfect place i like it my self
and if u like the late night
there is 2 places where u r going to have some dance and fun
1- hard rock cafe = located in grand hayatt hotel ,, down town area
2- ritmo == disco, club , what ever the name is a perfect place, located in intercontinental simeramis hotel, down town also

if u would like some souvenir stuff in would be in ELHUSsien area, a lot of cafe's and also a lot of souvenir stuff shops and

elhussien area is a nice place full of history, old homes and also u can got your cam and got a lot of shoots , very nice arts,, and as well as u r going to the museum , i suggest that u go to the islamic musseum

the normal museum full of pharonic stuff,, and the islamic have a large period in the egyption history,, so u may like it
my mail is
so u r welcome any day to contact me
with my best regards
HI - I am not a guide but can help you find a female registered guide here in Cairo.

Cairo is a fabulous place for the sorts of things you want to see, you must visit and walk in Old Cairo to see the incredible old houses and caravanseri (many now restored), the beautiful Islamic architecture of both the houses and the old mosques, madrassas etc. Coptic Cairo has some incredible and very old churches with a great deal of art inside - icons and other beautiful paintings, as does the Coptic Museum.

Cairo has lots of galleries and many art museums (I can send you our comprehensive list of museums in Cairo if you give me your email - there are over 100 in Cairo alone and only a handful are Pharaonic, many contain the work of living or recent artists). You will revel in the art in the Egyptian Museum of course - make sure you find the Meidum geese, one of my favourite pieces....

Plenty of trendy cafes and bars (but for an old cafe try the Cafe Riches Downtown, it also has a gallery space) especially in the Zamalek area and as part of the big hotels (like the Hard Rock at the Grand Hyatt) - and you might enjoy the Cairo Jazz Club (which has all sorts of music, not just jazz)

Address: 197 Sharia 26 July Agouza
Phone: +20 (0) 2 3345 9939


You might also like to check out the work of this young designer - you can find her on Facebook

Hope all this helps and if I can help any more please don't hesitate to be in touch. Have a wonderful stay

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
Hallo ihr beiden,
ich kann euch gerne durch Kairo führen ohne irgendwelche Gebüren oder sowas. Ich bin Abdo. Ich lebe und studiere in Kairo Germanistik. Ich habe eine lange zeit in deutschland verbracht. Ich kann euch gerne helfen wenn ihr möchtet. übrigens alles gute zu Weinachten.
meine Handynummer : 0020185840437
meine EMail Adresse :
Ich würde mich auf eine Antwort freuen
me, i can be your guide, but be careful of the other guides as they will take you to their shops to get commission

Great answers from localytes you had here

Enjoy your time


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