Hi, I'm coming to Florianopolis on 28th of December. Any recommendations for accommodation for couple months? I looked all over the...

...web but couldn't find anything suitable. I would probably need to stay in a hostel/hotel for first couple days and have a look around.


City: Florianopolis

State: Santa Catarina

Country: Brazil


Hi Andy contact me at and I will be glad to try to help you for your questions about Florianopolis Bob Ritchie
Bob, thanks again for your time. Very helpful.
Hello, how is it going!
How many peoplem how long and how much do you intend to spend?
it would be just for me for 1-3 months. Budget - not sure, would have to compare the options.
Hey , Andy!
I have two aunts in FLoripa, I really like it there. but I think you should consider coming to the north part of the state where I live, we have lots of sightseeing places and the neighbor city is called San Francisco do sul, it is also an island and we have a lot of beaches up here. if you wanna know more about it e-mail or something! cya !
Thanks Dyegho,
I plan to stay in Floripa for longer so I will do some trips from there.
Happy Holidays!
Sorry Andy, but I live in São Paulo, it's 800 km from Floripa, but I know there and it's really beautiful.
Hi Rosa Maria,
I plan to visit São Paulo some weekend as well.
Happy Holidays!
Hi Andy,
I live in Curitiba, but love Floripa. Last year some friends stayed at:, but just for some days. For longer time it is better to rent a room or find a hostel. I have some friends and relatives there; try to contact my friend Lia(), she will be happy to help you.
If you need more info also about other beaches in SC or about my city, Curitiba(it worths to visit), feel free to contact me at: .
Thank you Susy,
Happy Holidays!
I am Sylvia from São Paulo, I have friends in Florianópolis, and one of them, John (he is an american) has a pousada called "Port Cais", maybe yo can try:
55 48 335-0262 / 48 335-0398 .
Have a nice time here.
Thank you Sylvia!
Happy Holidays!
Hello, sorry not to be able to help you properly but have you tried and ? They're great travel forums and you're highly likely to find good information there.
Good suggestion, thanks Charlie.
Happy Holidays!

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