Do you know any clubs in Dublin, Ireland?

I will be going to Dublin, Ireland soon! Do you any good clubs I can go to?


City: Baile Atha Cliath

County: Dublin

Country: Ireland


Theres a lot of good places at Temple Bar and its quite busy there or behind the O'Connell bridge near Haineken is pretty good club...

Having lived in Dublin area for 2 years I found that the Templebar area was quite a good meeting spot. It vitually offers all types of entertainment and taxi ranks are close by in case you have a fantastic night :). See this link for more events information on Templebar:
Dublin is a very cosmopolitan city and caters for every taste. I guess you will have your own preferences. I would recommend you have a look at the following site: for the broadest range. Temple Bar is certainly the liveliest area and where most tourists tend to go. Check out The Clarence Hotel,(owned by U2)for drinks. Club M is in the Temple Bar area. The Button Factory also in Temple Bar, is a clubbing and music venue. Enjoy!!!
Hi Lydia,
Clubing is very subjective with many tastes, follow the link for peoples' reviews and maps with showing their locations in the city

yeap... the button factory and club m are great. fabiana
As suggested by everyone else Temple Bar is a pretty lively area. But its prettey expensive given the fact that it is mainly targeted for tourists. For a really good night out I would suggest Diceys on Harcourt St, Knightsbridge on Bachelours Walk or Porterhouse Central just off Gratfon St. I would think of these as my local hanuts and would deffinately recomend them. They will also be quite a bit cheaper than anywhere in Temple Bar. Nightlink busses run every ten minutes from 1230am till 0430am and depending on where you are staying can be just as qick as a taxi and cost only five euro. There are now more taxis in Dublin City than NYC but it might not feel like it on a saturday night. Would suggest leaving where ever you go about ten to fifteen mins before closing to avoid the Q'ing mayhem!!

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